2456 Birdman doe it Barefoot

What a great rum, to fart the new hash committee (seagull's flock up) term in orifice. The start of the rum was the best of the year so far,but dont ask the incoming on sec as he was 10 minutes late. Hopefully not a sign of things to cum.

We left the familar claremont golf course and ran down to the train station where we proceeded to lose the trail. Gnocchi was first to pick it up again and we were off, around the back of the old footy oval and into the over priced units. We picked up the late comers including the hon sec and crossed back over Davies road into the lake claremont parklands. And lost the trail again. That didnt stop the SCB's though who joined up with the ghost who walks. The runners led by sweeney picked up the trail and headed up to the primary school. It was rumoured that around here FT ran a FT. Highlight of the year so far.

We zigged and zagged our way back, crossing the scotch fillet school plush green ovals. Bet they dont adhere to the twice a week sprinkler rule, or they can afford the fine. Back to the bucket in 51 odd minutes.

The flock of seagulls got off to a great start with the hon sec having the crowd eating out of his palm with his poetry recital about Sir Knob.

Also Rumpol was sort of awarded a non existant anniversary mug.

Th RA filled the circle with joy and merriment, or according to some, a solid dose of bull shit. The run was awarded a solid 7/10.

The hares served up a very respactable helping of hamburgers.

Well done hares