"Alert!!! AGPU Run Site Change Due to Floods."
That was the subject of Action's urgent email on Monday afternoon. Apparently ten times the February's average monthly rain, falling in just 24 hours, was enough to cause flooding of our intended runsite. So, we'll relocate to Lilac Hill; easy. Skid stationed himself at the originally advertised runsite to redirect those who don't read their emails. Too kind of him.
A good sized pack, split about equally between walkers and runners, set off over the bridge back into Guildford at 18.10. Fifty five minutes later the frontrunners, together with most of the walkers, were back, having ran, shuffled, or strolled through the nicer and less nice parts of Guildford and Woodbridge.
Phantom and Sir Knob had manned a drink stop outside the Woodbridge Tavern. A quick opinion poll indicated that nine out of ten hashmen would have preferred a cold beer in the tavern to a warm Gatorade outside!
Excellent finger food prepared us for the circle. Many returnees were present, including Dave the Pom + offspring, Wagon, Deke, Deeply Boring, SCB and Sawbones. Action presented anniversary mugs to Sawbones and Deke.
The year's awards came next; see Annual for the full list. Downdowns were received by, amongst others, Barefoot, Colonel and Sir Knob.
To thunderous applause, Skid thanked the outgoing committee for a job splendidly done.
Seagull then introduced his new committee; a good mix of experienced veterans and novices.
Excellent pizza from Vince's woodfired truck was a fitting conclusion to another great year's hashing.