2444 A forgetful CAPT and FAGS at Centenary park

2444 CAPT and TENILLE (Fags) at Wilson   Centenary Park

The run started with an effective big loop
and headed across Centenary Drive and into the new housing development
at the old tip at Waterford. (Apparently Neon has dropped a couple of
old car bodies there over the years – there's still space for a couple
more Neon!). The run continued into Waterford and then headed back
into Wilson and then Home. The run kept the pack together as the trail
was well designed and well marked ( although at one stage the arrows
had been crossed out rather than being rubbed out and so the false
trail was pretty obvious) There was not a lot of bush for a summer
run. The pack trooped into home together about 6.50pm in front of the
walkers for a change. Around the bucket there seem to be more chips
than usual-someone explained that Rumpole was away this week. The RA
awarded the run 7.9 mainly I suspect so that Colonel would stop
complaining. Captain served up "smoked lamb" and salad which was well

Captain left the Hash Pourers home and as Mandurah is a long drivr he raced off to a hardware store arriving at 5:35 (CLOSED at 5:30)somehow he found a plastic bucket and order was restored


ON ON  Cans.