Run 2740 – Moses – Lake Monger, Dodd St, North side

Perth Hash Run 2740 Monday 7th November 2022

Hares: Moses and Mastitis

Location Lake Monger

About forty five members and guests gathered at the northern end of Lake Monger on a pleasant spring evening to be greeted by Moses, almost back to full fitness following his recent injury, and Mastitis. Sir Tom’s guest, Marcus, came along again; that’s a good sign.

Shortly after 6pm the runners set off and, following a false trail along the western shore of the lake, headed north towards the Osborne Park industrial area. Phantom, map in hand, encouraged walkers to follow them. Not convinced of the wisdom of this move, Botak and I opted for the more scenic option of a stroll around the lake. Very pleasant it was too. We returned to the beer truck about 3.5 km and fifty minutes later.

The main packs of walkers and runners came in after about an hour. There were some mutterings of discontent about the trail markings but that happens most Mondays.

The circle, which was orderly and commendably short, included a good joke from Pembo.

Returnees included Botak and Kilkenny. Reluctant was thanked for his Spring Run hospitality. Guest Marcus picked Horse’s number from the hat but Horse was unable to pick the ace from the pack. Gumby and Polecat (get a haircut!) reminded us of the golf morning and lunch. RA Reluctant, on being informed that Moses had prepared roast mutton for dinner, upped his run score to 8.9.

Thanks to the hares for another good Monday evening.