Run 2720 – Rumpole & Moses at WA institute of Sport

RUMPOLE and Co   (a cast of Thousands )

Well done for RUMPY, MOSES, EMU and MASTITIS for volunteering , in place of our indisposed LASAGNE.

We got to McGillivray to witness  minor rain which going to make the ground wet and smudge the chalk. And it did.

The runners set out around north side of HBF Stadium and the Walkers on South side and never the twain did meet. BIRDMAN took over the walkers and lead half on a short cut to the drink stop, leaving PHANTOM to rally the rest. As we passed the old Asylum Building (now an Aged home) it was remarked that there were more oldies outside (us )than inside.

As the Walkers had taken a big short cut we got to drink stop early and took off well before the bedraggled runners. With the help of a map we found the lane to get the short cut home, and thank God for the map as trail was difficult to find in lane and thru holes in the fence and wet grass.  BUDGIE was a minor casualty as he took a dive on trip wire and walkers were back at 7:10.

The runners were another 10 minutes and needed the help of Live Hare MASTITIS, to find the trail at various times.

An interesting run which would have suited a Summer situation but full marks for RUMPY and Co for stepping up.

Perhaps hares could make it a little easier to find restart after a false trail.

The UWA women’s AFL team was meeting adjacent to us and DOLLA and ELBOWS could not resist the opportunity to lay on the charms (WITHOUT SUCCESS)

Food was Vege Lasagne (it was supposed to be LASAGNE’S run after all) and a couple to red bloods were heard to say “Where’s the Meat “  — what Pussies