Run 2682 – Run for a Reason 2021

Run for a Reason 2021
This year’s hares were West Coast for the real hash and Bullsbrook for the walkers. A larger than anticipated Perth contingent assembled at Britannia reserve in Mount Hawthorn. I counted about 30 of our boys plus the strange one. All in all a big turnout of about 120 hashers from 8 clubs came to support this year’s charity, HELPING MINDS. Perth’s contribution totalled over $350 so a very good, kind, effort.
The run was expected to be tough, and it was. The trail took us up to the Mt Hawthorn shopping carpark and beyond towards Charles Very-hard (aka Veryard) park in North Perth for a drink stop and then almost directly back downhill to the On On. The hares made good use of the local backlanes and drive throughs with many switchbacks and false trails. In fact the trail and the FRBs pace proved too difficult for the slower runners that a split occurred within 3km. The run was clocked at 7.5km and an hour for the FRBs.
After taking refreshments, the circle was called and as is regularly, it was chaotic but thankfully short despite H4’s best off-key efforts. Before we knew it, the hamper raffle was drawn (SIR KNOB won the main prize), and each club sang their anthem before closing the proceedings.
Our dinner was organised by CRAYFISH who negotiated a deal with the local Subway manager, whose descendants were from the subcontinent. To Crayfish’s surprise, we got what we asked and paid for! Plenty of food!
Too bad the grog ran out, once again, so we couldn’t wash it down. Why is it so difficult to overcater our grog requirements, so often?
On oN

Run 2680 Another Pr1ck in Nedlands

Haggis didn’t do the right thing and didn’t submit a run write up so this brief note from MOSES. Thanks Moses.

About 30 Hashmen gathered at a regular very convenient spot in arctic conditions to start with a chill factor of note.
By the time the food was on, the gale had ceased and it was rather pleasant tepid conditions.
The running group that finished the trail numbered just 6 with Tickler and Biggles telling us that there were plenty false trails. The four saw heaps of checks and about 2 FTs so concluded there were too few.
Pretty good run with lots of chalk and flour.
8km and 1hr9min for the four and another1 km for Biggles and FT

Run 2681 – Haggis in Shelley

Run 2681 – Haggis in Shelley Park
A good location for a run. Haggis said he spent three and a half hours setting the run on his own so it promised to be a long one. Map below, provided by Moses, showing where the runners went.
The Walkers thought the trail well marked and crossed Leach Highway by the bridge and continued down through interesting territory and crossed back at the lights at High Road almost opposite home taking right on the hour. Unfortunately the runners ran past the trail over the bridge and ended up running as long retracing the outward trail.
Back at the bucket there were individual bowls of biscuits, cheese and olives a plenty for 38 hashers on a very pleasant evening.
Emu did an excellent job, with little notice, as stand in RA, Nanny having gone down with Man Flu.
Food was delicious pasta and bolognese sauce.

Run 2679 – Colonel in City Beach

Run 2769 – Colonel in City Beach
On a nice and sunny day with temperatures at a pleasant level until the sun decided to move below the horizon a large pack of hashers gathered at the Ocean Village Shopping Centre car park in City Beach. Indeed we got to see more of the City then of the Beach.
We were released not far after 6 pm on a well marked trail, apparently ably set by Twitch (Colonel’s dog) with the help of Colonel and Budgie. Despite the excellent markings and the unique check markings there always seem to be people who wander of trail and get lost. In this case it was Scumbag who found himself detached from the pack, but was able to get back at the On On before the circle and food.
The runners pack must have set a new record as it concerns participants, I counted at least more than a dozen. So an excellent turn-out. As mentioned the trail was well marked and meandered through City Beach (unable to list the street names as the map provided showed the trail covered in a 10 cm2 area), I believe more uphill then downhill as every street had a at least one hill. We only sighted the ocean on one occasion but the beach was behind the dunes so unable to see any chicks around. Some in the pack complained that there were not enough false trails (note: likely for the obvious reasons that it saves the hares from walking them), but all in all it was an excellent run.
It took the runners, with the exception of Scumbag, approx. 45 minutes to cover the 5.5 – 6 km run and several hundred meters of climbing, a great effort. Most of the walkers were already back near the bucket by that time.
After the chippies the circle was called with some returners (Triple J, Antman, ..), Birdman and Mumbles for posts in the newspapers and Colonel for knowing the difference between yellow and red bins (colourblind?). There may have been others but I did not pay attention. The hash songs came from Gumby’s catalogue (better to say paper snippets).
Food served by Colonel was bun, burger, salad, (plastic) cheese and the lot. Well received and no left over.
With a score of 9.1 issued by RA the hares were well rewarded. I enjoyed the run, good job by Twitch, Colonel and Budgie
Another Prick in the Wall.
PS: I promise there won’t be as many hills in next week’s run.
PS2: only two (2) PHHH signs handed over, the third one may be missing in action unless recovered by Colonel later in the evening.