Run 2623 – Chunda and Haggis Fraser Park, East Vic Park

Good location, adequate parking, light and shelter (not needed). I don’t recall starting here before  and neither did Elbows ,who has set a few runs in the area but there always seems to be someone who claims we have.

The assembled pack of 40 plus including 12-15 runners set off together towards the north east. A quick series of false trails was a promising start and kept the runners together despite at times having to weave past  the walkers and their  numerous  mutts. This is always a problem for the age disadvantaged runners who are not as fleet of foot as those more youthful.

Good use was made of the lanes and off street access to shops etc with plenty of long false trails (these days one of the few options to effectively keep the pack together). In the initial stages calling was again terrible but did improve as the run progressed. Horns ,where’s Emu, and the bugle have a place but are not an excuse for not calling, as some front runners seem to think. From the culinary pleasure houses of E.V.P. where there must be more cafes restaurants per km than any other food precinct in Perth, we headed south,  still pretty well grouped and stunned by a cameo appearance of Elbows, apparently inspired by the having been told he did  not require a hip replacement.

We hit the bucket a bit on the short side at 45 mins with myself and Barefoot in at 47 mins.. Mind you, when Perth Hash first started , 40 t0 45 mins was the target time. This steadily progressed out to the hour which is now the standard. Q in his summary of the run during the polygon gave it 8.6 though commenting more chalk would have helped. I concur with the chalk but dropped off the 0.6 for relatively short run. Well done Chunda and Haggis.

Now the polygon aka circle is always a challenge for those who  have both memory and hearing problems. Added to this I  only became aware I was doing the write up because Cans was not there. Mind you I should have guessed knowing that the chances of seeing Cans at a run these days are pretty remote.. Hopefully Polly as usual will provide a summary of anniversaries , birthday etc. I seem to recall Haggis put on a carton of non-alcoholic beverage, daring to call itself beer and someone else a carton of Guiness cans. After much publicity it was announced the missing Virgin Run Cup, initially thought to have been pilfered turned buried in the wagon and was ceremoniously awarded to Flasher who attained the privilege by being the only virgin run setter last year. A co-hare was sought for Grizzly who has a virgin run coming up, where-upon Birdie promptly volunteered Phantom to unanimous acclamation . It appears Grizzly was attempting to drive to S.A. but turned away at the border for fear of species contamination. He then apparently headed north..

It was announced that former deceased Hashman, Misty, had a become a grandfather . Poor Misty together with former Hashman , Croaker, were examples of the perils of fun running albeit Croaker survived..

Our illustrious R.A. finished of proceedings by calling out FT for not bringing the bell and promptly awarded it to him again only to be advised FT had thrown it in the bin at the last run. Maybe it’s vale the bell.

Pies and Mash was the food of the night and concluded an enjoyable evening.



Run 2622 – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

What Happened Monday
Run 2622

The Good
The Bad
The Ugly
version of Bushies run in Yokine without the score by Ennio Morricone

The Good –
Chicken with corn in pea soup. A classic recipe by master chef Bushie with enough to feed a 50 hashmen and some.
The jokes by Sir Knob. Insanely funny. Where on earth does he get them from?

The Bad

Only 27 or 28 or so turned up. A small pack of runners possibly the smallest of all time set off and possibly the largest of all time 15, stayed put and who could blame them.

The Ugly

The wet. The wet. Ugly miserable wet. Lets hope there are not too many nights like this.

ON ON Chunda

Run 2621 – FT’s Cockman House Run

Was this FT’s Cockman House run or FT’s Cock-up run?

FT, always a forward planner, had planned this run site for a summer run. Well COVID-19 put paid to that. However, FT was up to the challenge, he provided shelter where there was no shelter, lights where there were no lights, no rain where there was rain and parking ….err the parking was fine.

The hashers assembled ready for the French challenge, sans the blue, white and red flag. We set off south down Cockman House Road towards Woodvale Drive, with no FT to lead the charge.

After a couple of FT’s (False Trails not French Ticklers) we headed towards Wanneroo Road. Moses handed the map to Bushie who conferred with Mastitis, but Mastitis claimed he didn’t’ have his ‘eyes’ so was as much help with finding trail as WHO is in managing COVID-19. Now I can empathise with Phantom, trying to ‘keep in contact with a map’ which has and many roads labelled as some hashers have set runs (that’s not many for those not familiar with my dry sense of humour) and is covered in shiny plastic which reflects a powerful torch beam back in ones eyes is difficult to say the least.

More of that later…we run back and forth in a southerly direction to eventually cross Wanneroo Road near Wild West Hyundai and Wangara Honda.  There are more car yards in Wangara than Parramatta Road! The run went up the hill towards PLE Computers as most hashers were trying to get back to Wanneroo Road. The real runners crossed Ocean Reef Road and headed north. But not far enough north apparently.

The pack fragmented into small groups as all were looking to head for the bucket. Reluctant remarked that Bushie should have been a politician as he confidently predicted ‘this is the way’ only to find it was a dead end. There were eight-foot-high fences to stop us entering the US style clover leaf intersection of Ocean Reef Road and Wanneroo Road (none of which were present on the FT provided MAP!).

Grizzly was complaining of sore knees and was looking for the quickest way back to the bucket – so were the rest of us.

Mastitis & Bushie found a way across the Los Angeles style roadway and sprinted (well ran) back to the bucket. Grizzly eventually turned up.

With the hashers now kitted out in their new Haby, curtesy of Crayfish and Bushie, the circle got under way. Polly told a joke that had been carefully handed down from his grandfather to his father and then onto Polly. There were down-downs for Entry Re-Entry from Bali2 and returnee Wagon. Wagon put on a carton of Guinness Extra Stout making the most of the ‘pay $50 for your birthday carton and get up to $90 worth of beer’ supplied by Perth Hash (go figure the math’s on that one & the effect on Perth Hash House Harriers Inc. bottom line!). Then it was over to our RA, Sir Knob, who told a ‘ripper’ of a joke about a lady who had a facelift. It eventually included an ex Liberal Cabinet Minister due to one of the hecklers suggestions that the said ex Liberal Cabinet Minister was the lady in the story.

Sir Knob was not complimentary about the area we ran though. Not up to Claremont standards let alone Cottesloe standards.

The circle concluded with the second rendition of ‘We Go Hashing Every Monday’ due to The Nanny singing the first one before the allocated time slot.

Food was very tasty. It was Subway sandwich with choices of chicken, ham and (roast) beef.

Sir Knob awarded the run 7.8 or there-about.

Grizzly was busy following Rumpole’s 14 page packing up the bucket instructions when your scribe left for home.

On On Bushie