Run 2606 – Ace without Rhino

The run without the Phantom’s phantom ( mainly Rhino ) who after being asked to be co-hare said yeah , no problem then went to London !!! As far away as he could possibly get !!! The run/walk started with a bang , we got a drink stop at the start of the run/walk instead of halfway thru as is normal .
The run started promisingly from the training ground for athletics with some great bodies , and that was just the blokes , it then meandered ( good word meandered ) thru to a ecological reserve , according to the expert on the ecology , Stewie , who said animals supposedly like these reserves to procreate and after they’ve procreated like to feed .
It then meandered up to Wireless Hill , where according to Skid , no dogs are allowed .
Hash dogs can’t read and then meandered down to The Ramble , THE STREET about 30 years ago , and then finally on home where our esteemed On Sec blessed us and wished us Happy New Year
The food was pizza , again , which was just a tad late , and one watering can later,  we all chuffed off.

Iwbdfq (Ed: I failed to be able to interpret this, bit like trying to understand Mumbles at the best of times)


‘I Wouldn’t Be Dead For Quids’