Run 2600 – Cans & Pitt

Hare: Cans Co-Hare: Pitt,

Rising to the challenge, most of us had our cars serviced and fueled-up, and tyres checked for an early departure to that Mecca of the Hills, Darlington, WA. Incidentally, Botak, your scribe, hails from the town of the same name, in the Northeast of England. Apart from the same name, the towns bear no similarity to each other! The Run started close to Darlingtons’ Swimming Pool, We departed almost on time, with a good-sized pack. We were joined by friends and fellow hashers from the West Coast. I think the size of the Pack was pre-determined by the prospect of Can’s reputation for putting on a good meal, with the prospect of a glass of wine, or two. Seriously, we were looking forward to a proper run in good running territory. We were not disappointed, but what would you expect when the Hare and Co-hare have almost 100 years of Hashing experience between them! There were lots of hills and, since it was a warm evening, some of us had our work cut-out negotiating the terrain and the gum nuts. We headed-out East through the “Nan MacMillan Reserve”, then followed a good trail up and down and round and about, to a Drink (water) Stop on Hanzell Road. The water was actually very welcome. Then on again uphill we returned, eventually, and over about 6 km in total, to the On On site near the Swimming Pool. The Circle was called and Triple J and FT officiated. Grizzly and Sir Knob were called as Returnees, both having been away in China at a Pan Asia Hash gathering. Our guests from the West Coast Hash were given a down-down, despite the fact that their beer came at our expense, but then, that’s what friends are for. The food was up to all expectations, with cold meats, cheese, buns and pickled onions. Cans generously provided wine for those who needed it, and a good time was had by all.

On On


Run 2598 – Another Prick In The Wall

Run 2598 – Another Prick in The Wall 11/11/2019
Co=Hares Phantom and Birdman
Location: Hollywood Subiaco Bowling Club (rear parking)
The pack rolled up to a be shunted into parking spots by mine-hare Phantom. Yours truly was early for a change with the best wine bargains this side of Christmas rushing out of the boot. Reluctant brought along aging dog Leila all drugged up and ready to go.
About 40 hashers including a few new faces headed off on the run. On good authority, I’m informed that even Q lost trail and didn’t complete the long run. The wily, experienced hares had it heading up Carrington, to the Highway, over to Kings Park (where most lost the trail), back into the hospital complex, then to Shenton Park and under the Railway…whew!
The walkers had a more leisurely time of it, with numerous short cuts. Sir Tom was saved in the nick of time for ducking into a massage parlor on Broadway by his ?mates, and we were regaled with stories of his early misadventures in these parts in days gone by.
It was very fitting that the run location was on Verdun, the site of an epic WW1 Battle, on Armistice day. FT called for 1 minute’s silence. Antman and Elvis produced a very flat home brewed stout that was stronger than my constitution and the charming Elvis was given an appropriate sendoff back to Brazil. Bankrobber from Malaysia put on a carton of very much appreciated Guinness. Scummy was called up for misplacing his keys last week and various miscreants from Grandad’s hash lunch were called up.
The hares were awarded a score of a measly 5. This was deemed very harsh and unwarranted by many, for a first time hare who had brought in experience help and then laid on a great spread of beef
curry and rice. Well done Prick- in-wall.

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Run 2599 – Jerrycan

Jerrycan and Bushie, Men’s Shed Mosman Park

Around 40 Hashmen turned up for Jerrycan’s run. Of those 14 took off on the run  leaving the rest to follow Phantom. It took a while to find the trail but was eventually located by Boner who took off at his usual frightening speed and before long the pack was well spread out . This continued with the backrunners playing catch up until 25 mins into the run when an excellent false trail and 4 way check brought the pack back together

From there we spread out again running through the limited bushland and eventually entering the Buckland Hill Reserve and Gun Battery which was certainly scenic. Shortly after we arrived at a drink stop complete with slices of watermelon and choice of drink. This again brought the pack back together and we were  about to leave when Mastitis (who was on his mobile for most of the run) and Antman appeared in the distance further delaying proceedings. From here we passed some pretty exclusive housing and massive limestone retaining walls to hit the walk trail above the river with good views of the Swan Yacht Club and Aquarama Marina. The run in was fairly long with the run taking in total a touch under the hour .

It was a good location for a run with use of the adjacent bushland , walkways and frequent steps . A few more false trails  and a bit more chalk would have helped but we managed to keep on trail and generally stay in touch.

Triple J was absent so Barcode managed the circle , advising all to be well behaved because the Mayor of Mosman Park was watching us from the Men’s Shed having challenged Jerrycan’s right to having the run and associated activities take place there. Fortunately no more was heard from him .Returnees included Dollar , Stewie and Boner with Softcock as a visitor.

Ringburner was absent on his birthday but provided a carton. It was claimed he was awaiting arrival of a bit of French Fluff at the airport so FT did the honours for him. As Moses had recently been to Brazil and Elvis had just returned he, Moses, was requested to comment on Brazil but declined stating he was more expert on Brazilians than the country. Barcode advised numbers registered for the 50th anniversary were around 100 and those who hadn’t expressed interest should do so Numbers were also requested for the Christmas lunch. Sunfish the Flasher was handling the raffle  with Nanny drawing the 10 of Hearts

FT took to the stand but had no international days of significance. He then advised that one of our members had his wheel clamped at a micro-brewery. Barefoot has the details.  Mastitis copped a mention for being on the phone while on the run and Barcode got the Bell for arriving late. The Hares were brought forth and given 7.5 for the run. The food was an excellent Chicken curry and Rice but a good share had been burnt to the bottom of both the pots.

All in all a good venue and evening.



Run 2597 – Neon goes to Uni

Run 2597- Neon @ Harold Rossiter Park in Bentley or Kensington

“The run with onions as desert and a ‘lost’ car key at the end”

Arriving at around 17:40 hr I expected an enormous turn-out as parking space was limited and almost full. However a closer look at it showed that unfortunately most of the parking was taken up by dog walkers (or dogs walking their bosses) and limited slots were available for the hashers.   

I estimate that a good 40 hashers turned up for a run advertised by Neon as “a guaranteed Run of the Year”. Whilst setting the run he must have realised that this was likely a bridge-too-far and he corrected the statement at the start to “THE Run of the WEEK”. This was certainly the case.

The pack set off just after 18:00 hrs for a run covering some parts of the Harold Rossiter Park and Kensington Bushland. The majority of the time spent was exploring the terrain and paths  of the Technology Park(s) and their occupants. 

Plenty of false trails and checks that kept the pack together and on several occasions crossing the path of the walkers. In one instance it was rumoured that the fast running bastards lost trail and made use of the walkers to get back on track. 

All in all a good run which scored a 7.5, although one point should be deducted for having onions as desert. More on this later.

Run length ~ 7.7 km according to Q, run time 54 min.  On return there was cheese (thanks Neon). There was a frantic call for chippies but to no avail. Had the RA forgotten, was it done purpose, or was it to “saving money” [I thought other nationalities were deemed to be stingy].

The circle

Main points recorded during the circle:

  • No visitors; Birthday kid: Moses – not present; Anniversaries – Haggis member for 38 years and Horse for 43 years.
  • Elvis returning to Brasil next week (one more run). He seems to be serious with a Japanese girl which may be a lost effort and he has to start anew when back home.
  • Birdman was calling for voters in support of his drive to become OnSec in next year’s committee.
  • Winners & losers: Jaapie as winner (Springboks won Rugby Worldcup); losers: none of the Pommies dared to show up
  • Polecat for new shoes
  • Perth Hash members that had climbed Ayers Rock were called forward. Only 5 have apparently made it: Triple J, FT, Xmas, Birdman, Another Prick in the Wall. Xmas told his experiences and story: back in 1976 it took him 27 min to get to the top but 4 ½ hours to get down. Xmas explained what he experienced going down: trees, water and probably also hallucinations(?). It took him almost half the time used for coming down to explain this to the audience, but can’t imagine anybody listened to the end. At least I got lost and my drink got warm.
  • Jerrycan tries to get rid of 50 cases (6 bottles each) of Chardonnay wine. Price: $30 of which 50% will go to the Hash and 50% to his brother. Sales counter and tasting open during Food.
  • Barcode and Boner forming a team with some others took part in the very last Augusta Adventure Fest. A team being as strong as it weakest link. This happened to be Barcode (kayak swamped) and as a result the team got a DNF against their name.

The Food

The food served by Neon, Mastitis and ably supported by Chunder consisted of burger, bread, cheese, egg, chips (not to be confused with the lack of chippies mentioned   before) and some special sauce. There was plenty of it and following round one it became obvious that something was forgotten: the onions were kept for the second round, i.e. the desert. These were hidden under the egg tray and only surfaced when the tray was removed. 

The Aftermath

When most of the pack had disappeared there was panic under the very few remaining drinkers with a running problem. Scumbag reported his car keys lost and despite a desperate search by all involved, the keys could not be located near his car, the circle area and the area were the food had been served and consumed. The keys were “definitely” not in the usual left upper pocket of Scumbag’s coverall. It was not until Rimmer noticed that Scumbag was growing something like a fake tit on his right upper chest that the keys were located to be in the right upper pocket of his coverall. Better to stitch this pocket closed to prevent it from happening again.

On On

Another Prick in the Wall (APITW)