Run 2593 – Scumbag in Yokine

As the run was hosted by two long time hashers (Scumbag and Co Hare Sir Thom Arse) we set out from Yokine Reserve with high expectations and were not disappointed. We were off at six pm across the reserve were we ran into a pack of about a hundred dogs, enough to throw Triple j  into a frenzy, however we got to the other side with no loss of blood. From then on the run went well as it was well marked all the way (till the runners ran of chalk?????).The walkers got back just short of the hour with the runners close behind which is a sign of a well planned run.We gathered round for a fairly short circle with which included a cracking good joke from our RA (after he found on his technology), and oddly there was no mention of dogs. Good quality hamburgers with all the trimmings was served up for dinner.