Run 2582 – Shakin & Rumpole at Homebase Carpark, Subiaco

On a cool night with little chance of rain, the assembled pack headed off across the car park to the first check at the corner of Station Street. We were somewhat bemused to find the “On Home” sign five metres away on the same corner. Perhaps a lack of communication between the hares??
Luckily some intrepid hound found the on trail and we were off through most of the back lanes, parks and some of the streets of Jolimont, Daglish and Subiaco.

The trail was well marked, there was about the right number of checks, but the false trails were a bit light on for some of the back runners.
The runners mostly got back after about 75 minutes (a bit long Shakin!!), the walkers obviously short cut as they were home before the runners.
The On Sec and the RA gave their normal spiels and found the requisite number of miscreants for Down Downs. Skid won the raffle but didn’t get the Joker. The RA thought it was the turn of the walkers to have the Bell and Sherlock was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He will have his hands full next week!
Food was chicken and salad in a bun but the hare forgot to take all the bones out.

On On


Run 2587 – Goliath and Tank in Aubin Grove

A fantastic run organised by Goliath & co-hare Tank in Aubin Grove. With new challenges that resembled those from The Amazing Race (Hash Roadblock, Hash Fence, etc), we knew that we were in for a difficult yet fun run.

The run, according to Q, was 9.3km, and took about 1h 20min. It started in Aubin Grove and primarily went through Banjup. It also took us past the infamous residential house with 27 bedrooms (… hmm, not sure if anyone needs that many bedrooms?).
There were plenty of obstacles on the way (fences, barb wire, mud, swamps), which is why a lot of people loved the run, though there were a few people that did a lot of cursing on the way.

Either way, everyone was happy that they arrived mostly in 1 piece (Cans had a big scrape and we though we’d lost Haggis, but otherwise everything was good).

And everyone was very happy with the meal that followed (potato jacket with pulled pork and coleslaw) washed down with some special homebrew (called tuica).

The run got awarded 7.5 … though after tasting the main meal, it got upgraded to 8.

Will look forward to Goliath’s next run…


Run 2586 -Birdman & Sir Knob @McGillvray Oval

Run 2586 (Mon 19 Aug 2019) – Birdman & co-hare Sir Knob @ McGillvray Oval, Mt Claremont

A fantastic run organised by Birdman & co-hare Sir Knob in Mt Claremont. The run was about 8km long and took us through the WA Uni sports park, a bus depot, horse grounds, lots of bushes & lakes and finished off with a view of the Perth city skyline.

On the downside, I couldn’t see any interesting birds (was expecting something given Birdman was the main organiser) and couldn’t hear any bells … yes, it’s the committee’s fault for not sending out a reminder to Goliath ;).

On a positive note, thank you Birdman for scheduling to have the Skylab [ISS] to fly over us straightly after our run 🙂

For food, we had some nice cheese for entree (ps. would have gone nice with some Shiraz … hing hint for next time) and a warm pea and ham soup, perfect for a cold winter’s night.

Unfortunately, the night finished early as many had to prepare for a long journey to get to the far South Side for next week’s run (in Aubin Grove, 25 kms south of the city). For those that don’t have a car, hope you’ve got your Indian Pacific train ticket.

ON ON Goliath