Run 2585- Dick Tracy in Carine

About forty hashmen turned up at Carine Open Space in eager anticipation of  Dick Tracey’s run. The weather was dry and cool. The run was actually set by Budgie, helping out because of Dickie’s achilles problem.As usual these days, walkers outnumbered the runners two to one. All set off in an easterly direction, before heading north on the other side of the freeway. We followed a big anti-clockwise loop, which included some of the nicer parts of Greenwood and Duncraig. Well set, despite Budgie’s refusal to mark with the traditional Perth Hash arrow.The walkers were back on the hour, having covered 5.2km. The front runners took 75 minutes to do their 8.6km. Q’s watch told him he had run 9.6 km; he must have caught every false trail.The circle started promptly and we celebrated Pembo’s twenty years and birthdays for Colonel and Polecat, who donated a carton. Rhino conveyed the thanks of Second Bite for our recent donation.Xmas informed about the upcoming Cervantes Hash function, and told his best joke ever.Several downdowns were awarded (I got two) and Goliath was given the bell.Our RA, to loud cheers, scored the run at 8.5, following which we tucked in to chicken cooked three ways. Thanks to Dick Tracey and Budgie for another good evening.ON ONBirdman