Run 2584 – Hare $, Co-Hare FT

What happened to Global Warming?  A cold wet night was the setting in a well-used Kingsley park!  Also what happened to the 6pm start time? The pack had to wait for the chardonnay set to arrive from Cottesloe and Claremont.  

PHANTOM again angle parked in front on parking bays!!

You would think that DOLLAR, a former formidable RAR military man would give the pack a latitude and longitude start bearing.  The only directions from DOLLAR were “FUCK OFF THAT WAY!”

The pack – runners and walkers – took off and thankfully there was no rain.  BUDGIE led the walkers at the start as he was glowing in the dark and was something to follow.

The walkers suffered a few trail stops while PHANTOM got his bearings.  These stops allowed the runners to interact with the walkers and dogs.

There were positive comments about the run – one being “at least the rain held off” and another being    a couple of dogs nearly got run over.

The heater was on and TRIPLE J took charge of the circle.  Some of the down downs were:

  • GOLIATH and RHINO for getting totally lost on last week’s run.  GOLIATH returned when RUMPOLE and crew were packing up the bucket.
  • PEMBO for his belated birthday and a Guinness was enjoyed on his behalf.
  • STEWIE for falling asleep on the train.

GUMBY drew his own ticket out of POLLY’S raffle and the CCC is looking into POLLY’S running of the tickets and cards.

The rain started and FT had to move the circle under cover.  Luckily we only had a small pack as the shelter just fitted the food table and we were shoulder to shoulder.

When BIRDMAN farted no-one moved out from the shelter due to the rain.

FT told a joke about a nun, but we’re still waiting for the punch line.  What’s wrong with kissing a nun anyway?

There was some comment and argument about late write ups for runs.  FT gave a down down to:

  • XMAS and PHANTOM for the parking awards for the night.
  • BUDGIE was awarded a plastic bag to cover his head – it looked good on him.
  • BARCODE for being mates with Ben Cousins.  I didn’t hear why as SCUMBAG was talking at the time.

FT assessed the run as one that has been held in the location three times before by DOLLAR.  FT was aware that DOLLAR’S wife cooked the food which was excellent.

Parking good, location good, lighting good, weather OK at the start.  FT gave DOLLAR and himself 9 out of 10.

The rain stopped then started again so the circle dispersed ASAP.