Run 2580 – Xmas in July – Committee

HARE: Elbows and Haggis (thanks Elbows for a good run)

Food: By the Price Family, Stewie, Leslie and Barcode

Compliments to Jerrycan and Rhino for the location

Guests: John and the West Coast Hashers

A select group of 45-50 of Perth and West Coast hashers left the run site at 6pm in fine and cold weather. Threatening rain turned into light drizzle. A large group of walkers, admirably led by the Phantom took a shorter trail, but we walked for an hour. The runners and walkers generally kept in touch from time to time.

We headed east to Cloverdale, past the primary school to Belgravia St, where the trail turned back to Belmont. Good use of Signal Hill Bushland Surprising to see the quality of the houses in that area. The fleet of foot young gun runners took about 70 minutes to complete the trail.

Great circle led by the one and only JJJ, after a good rendition of our song we enjoyed a fantastic meal of roast ham and pork, with roast tatties, pumpkin, carrots, peas and gravy. Then followed up with Xmas pudding and custard.

Big thanks to those that put in a great effort with the tucker. Not to forget, Deeply Boring serving his mulled wine. Thanks mate.

Thanks also to the landlord for use of the premises.

On On Sir Tom Arse