Run 2581 – Sir Tom Arse

Sir Tom Arse, Xmas & ScummyPenistone Park, Greenwood
Great Location – Only 5 minutes from home. Weather good. Always rains in the Southern Suburbs not in the Northern Suburbs!
Started at 6:00pm from a walkers point of view, plenty of chalk, walkers and runners (only 8 or 9) Stayed together for half the run. The walkers separated from the runners and were home after 40 minutes. 
The runners had a good run stayed together for most of the time, although Seagull went lame. They arrived back at the bucket after 50 minutes.
The circle was the circle FT & Dick Tracy’s Birthday’s. FT supplied the Melbourne Bitters & Dickie supplied the Favourites Chocolates, Mumbles ate all the Turkish Delight’s!
The circle was interrupted by the Harriett’s dress in Pink Tutu’s and their big Pricks! Sang their hash song and return to wherever. One did leave a frozen stiffy behind! Thanks ladies our excitement for the night.
$5.00 each for the food. $185.00 was raised for the 50th anniversary.
Thanks Sir Tom! The run was awarded 8/10
Sheppard pie was on the menu – Very nice too!
Good Food, Good Booze, Good Run, Good Company & a Good Night!
Thanks all! See you next week!

Run 2581 – Sir Tom Arse, Xmas & Scummy

Run 2581 Penistone Park Warwick Hare Sir Tom Arse

Cohare Xmas and Scummy

It was a nightmare journey on the freeway, snail pace from Lake Monger to the Warwick turnoff and arriving to the smiling faces of FT and Dollar Bill, both gloating that their travelling time was 5 minutes. Give me an inner city run any day.

The early birds discussed matters of importance, Nic Nat’s injury, the Eagles unfortunate loss to Collingwood, the Dockers losing again, England winning the cricket in amazing circumstances and Serena losing (how sad). All the time we were keeping a close watch on nominees for the Wilson Parking Award and it didn’t take long for Ramrod to show that he has lost none of his talents. And Phantom wearing his Collingwood scarf was in bad taste with lack of respect to the Eagles diehards.

After the menagerie of dogs had all sniffed each other and had their obligatory shit, the run got away with a loop around the oval and then off into the bowels of Greenwood. After the 1st kilometre, we never saw the front runners which is par for the course these days – no respect for the back markers who bravely struggle to keep up. Bring back the old days when a hash halt was always part of the run. I wonder whether the front runners had an ulterior motive in keeping well ahead of Rumpole who was the bell carrier and amused himself by letting it drag along the road. The noise was terrible and someone suggested we stop this torment by shoving it firmly up his arse. It was a good run, 6.7km according to Bushie and his electronic gadgetry and the hares were awarded an 8/10.

The preliminaries included Dickie handing out chocolates as his birthday treat and the hares collecting $5 for the 50th Birthday Run – no chase the joker this week. The On Sec welcomed the returnees, Ramrod who has finally settled back after 3 trips back to the old country, Bushie who had his 3 week walk in the mountains of Switzerland, Antman back after his surgery and Scummy who did his around Australia journey. The circle was interrupted while 6 strange ladies carrying funny looking balloons crashed through pack, sang a funny song then disappeared into the night – what was that all about.

The RA censured Seagull for spreading e-col, Moses, Colonel, Crayfish and Triple J had down downs for driving Volkswagens (something to do with the Beetle going out of production), we were introduced to the new down down cups (something to do with Hash going green), and nominees for sporting events included Bushie for the Tour, Mumbles for the cricket and Polecat to celebrate Serena’s loss.

The meal was shepherds pie and enough for everyone to have seconds. Talking of meals, can I mention last week’s meal prepared by Stewie. I reckon it was one of the best prepared by a hashmen in a long time and deserves being recognised.

Another good night enjoyed by all, top marks to everyone who contributed. Well may you ask why I am preparing this run write up – I ask myself the same question.

Wouldn’t be dead for quids.


Run 2580 – Xmas in July – Committee

HARE: Elbows and Haggis (thanks Elbows for a good run)

Food: By the Price Family, Stewie, Leslie and Barcode

Compliments to Jerrycan and Rhino for the location

Guests: John and the West Coast Hashers

A select group of 45-50 of Perth and West Coast hashers left the run site at 6pm in fine and cold weather. Threatening rain turned into light drizzle. A large group of walkers, admirably led by the Phantom took a shorter trail, but we walked for an hour. The runners and walkers generally kept in touch from time to time.

We headed east to Cloverdale, past the primary school to Belgravia St, where the trail turned back to Belmont. Good use of Signal Hill Bushland Surprising to see the quality of the houses in that area. The fleet of foot young gun runners took about 70 minutes to complete the trail.

Great circle led by the one and only JJJ, after a good rendition of our song we enjoyed a fantastic meal of roast ham and pork, with roast tatties, pumpkin, carrots, peas and gravy. Then followed up with Xmas pudding and custard.

Big thanks to those that put in a great effort with the tucker. Not to forget, Deeply Boring serving his mulled wine. Thanks mate.

Thanks also to the landlord for use of the premises.

On On Sir Tom Arse

Run 2579 – Gnocchi

It was a clear and cold evening when the pack started to assemble to perve on the softball players.. I mean gather for the start of the run. Gnocchi arrived going through the car park the wrong way as he had set the run the day before only to see it continually washed out so he marked it again and went to the pub for a well earned drink …or three.
At the appointed time we were off down a different street, so that made it unfamiliar territory. There was no leg scratching, clothes ripping fence to try and get through, a more genteel trail through quiet suburban streets, more fitting for The Gentleman’s Hash. Apparently a new fence caused some angst for the runners as they had to run around instead of through, the park. The marking was very good and the walkers and front runners started arriving about the same time, just before 7:00 to be welcomed by a gourmet spread of cheese, biscuits and olives.
Of course it wouldn’t be a legitimate run write up if there no mention that there should have been more false trails, 3 or 4 or maybe 7. There, now this is a conventional write up, some extra Falsies would have been good, apparently. An irregular geometric shape was formed while Triple J told us everything we needed to know. Anniversaries for Polly (44 years), Mumbles (41 years) and Sir Knob (4 years). Sherlock had a birthday carton for last month as he was away. Apparently he advised Rumpole and we expect the snail mail to arrive in the next few weeks as he posted it from The Orkneys, off Scotland.
The Joker draw had a second prize, a Pierre Cardin leather jacket, donated by Sherlock and won by Dick Tracy and it nearly fitted. Be good in summer when you don’t need the zip. The food was on on, chicken burgers in a bun with salad (some). A very good meal on a chilly night.
Lighting was good , although we all thought the trees were dead. Shelter was available in the “unlikely” event of rain and plenty of parking.
Good run!