Run 2571 – Barcode

The Grandmaster’s run started at 18:02 hours. That’s fine…but there was still no Splash Wagon on location! This was much to the concern of some runners and several walkers!! But we set off from the Rigsafe Workshop in opposite directions, with the walkers led by Phantom-substitute, Polly, who predictably made a complete balls-up of it, getting lost within the first 500m or so. This writer lost patience with the walkers and started following chalk to soon find himself climbing up through bush (still on trail) up towards Lesmurdie Falls Park, and actually leading the pack!! (Thank you, I will take my bow now). But the glory was short lived as it was a long false trail uphill, which he was spared from chasing out as the leading hares soon past him and thankfully called back. I wearily returned to the Rigsafe Workshop, not being able to keep up with the runners, and was most grateful to see that the Splash Wagon had finally arrived. And only just in time for returning short-cutters, as it pulled into Rigsafe carpark at 18:50 hrs!! The story was a bit garbled, but something about being late either because Dick Tracy took them on a wild goose-chase up Goosebury Hill (you like that??), or because Boner’s wife had locked him out of the house, 3G was busy with his girlfiend (but why on a hash night?), and poor young Bromwyn is not sufficiently trusted to even have a house key (how this is all relevant nobody knows!)

But after my second beer most of the runners had made it back in dribs and drabs, with an average run time of 75 minutes over about 8 kilometers, although Boner looked like he went considerably further, as he came in dripping sweat and effing and blinding about something…

The circle formed and we all soon discovered the problem with warehouse acoustics, which was not improved by the usual back-chat, most notably from Dollar who would just not shut up!! Nevertherless, the usual returners and other miscreants were called up for down-downs, in fairly brisk order, before singing “grace” and lining up for some excellent German sausage (Bratwurst perhaps?), sauerkraut and coleslaw. The run was awarded a 9 out of 10 and well deserved by all accounts! Well done Boner et al !!  


Deeply Boring, 8-May-19

Editor’s note:
1. Apologies to JM’s as Deeply’s email system couldn’t navigate to your inox so his run right-up ended up in the HashIT’s inbox, so I’ve posted it to do my bit for global warming (emails use electrical energy you know and W.A. is not big on renewables).

2. I would like to add that Antman’s nephew, Gabriel Sousa Cupertino wasn’t named ‘Cappuccino’ as your HashIT was lobbying for. FT named him ‘Elvis’ but due the the acoustics at the RigSafe Workshop and Dollar Bill’s chatter (Deeply told me that) I couldn’t understand why?

3. FT explained to me later the name ‘Elvis’ was chosen because of Australian film producer Baz Luhrmann’s quest to find a local actor to play the role of Elvis in his upcoming movie.

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