Run 2552 Committee Christmas Eve @ Beaton Park in DALKEITH

Hares; Phantom & Sir Knob

Being a new venue for the Hash Xmas Eve morning run, the committee ensured things would run smoothly by setting up early, having plenty of supplies and a passing parade of the female keep fit brigade. Some had dogs, most were serious about their training and all looked fitter than our assembled members.

Phantom explained there was plenty of chalk, FT’s & checks, so there is no need to short cut. Nanny was the first to get lost and trotted home to Phantoms bewilderment. The runners had a nice 45 minute tourist look at Dalkeith and the Swan River under ideal conditions. The splash was made, Champagne was opened and the conversations were jovial

Neon showed up after getting a sun tan down south, Sir Tomarse returned after 5 months at Jogjakarta Uni in Indonesia learning their language, Pembo brought his chair and new knee so he could eat breakfast and Gumby escaped from Argentina to sing us a down down song. Sherlock won the chance of pulling out the joker, whilst Polly told a Christmas joke that included Elbows trying to enter the Pearly Gates.

Dick Tracey, Chunder, Action & Po (a visitor) cooked the bacon, sausages, mushrooms, eggs and baked beans for the 56 runners. A great turn out for the start of the festive season, some even had coffee in Rokeby Rd on their way home.

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Run 2551 Moses, Dog and Nanny @ Breckler Park

This area has Religious significance  More later

REMINDER  Hash is not a race so Front Runners should respect the slower of us (most ) and if run is poorly set initiate Hash Halts and/or wait at end of FT


We started with several good FT’s – perhaps not long enough and then experienced a series of long stretches such that at top of hill the pack was strung out over about 600 metres .

It was then down the other side of the Golf Course with a loop back to Morley Drive.

The pack then meandered thru the back blocks and obviously the FT’s or lack of, did not work as the pack was now strung over about 1 Km . Near the end some front running sheep missed a FT and added another km before arriving home in wrong direction .

Back at Bucket we celebrated BAREFOOT's 80th with Guinness and cheese cake, Xmas was determined to tell another lie (story) but was howled  down AND THEN YASSAR ARAFAT appeared in the form of stand in RA .What courage in a Jewish enclave but the pack was very nervous expecting retribution especially with YASSAR partaking alcohol .


Plenty of food in form of beef/silverside burgers with condiments

A good effort marred by lack of effective FTs and selfish front runners (no lack of them )


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Run 2550 – Elbows @ Blue Gum Tennis Club,Brentwood

Run 2550 – Elbows @ Blue Gum Tennis Club,Brentwood

Every PHHH run starts with a certain expectation.  When the Hares are the Exceptionally Energetic Elbows (EEE) and the Humble Haggis (HH), the expectation can fairly easily be exceeded.  This was the case for Run 2550 from the Blue Gum Tennis Club.

Before even setting off the lights over the selected Bucket parking spot came on and the area was over-populated by the highest quality of eye candy.  To points before even starting.

Then HHH parked such that next week’s hare could park adjacent to his truck to avoid over-exertion in delivering pots and plates to said motor vehicle.

There was little effort wasted on the map, but EEE did own up to putting some in the first two thirds of the run before tiring. 

Good use was made of the Blue Gum Reserve and a 7km run (without all of the FTs) for a pleasant summer evening run was well received.  There was good loop to kick off and good use of a number of rises that this Hashman didn’t know existed.  We had a look at Booragoon Lake Reserve, ran along Leach Highway without crossing it and the fact that HHH was an engineer in a Shire came through as selection of road crossings were well thought out. Then to finish came round Ratcliff Park and round the Blue Gum Reserve.

The last third of the run was somewhat devoid of checks and FTs but all things considered not bad for the Hares. Emu’s 7½ was possibly a smidgeon harsh. 

As to the food, HHH had chicken in mind \but wanting to give the Hashmen some variability elected for some very well received starters followed by a good selection and plenty of pizza with some red fluid vaguely describer as wine.



Run 2549 – Bushranger and Co-Hare Crayfish @ Success Hill Reserve, Bassendean

Prelude to the run of the year (Next week-Idiots)

Hare: Bushranger 

Co Hare: Crayfish

On a very warm day (36 degrees) about 50 hashmen turned up to Success Park in West Swan (despite the ON SEC’s directions to Lloyd not Lord Street!). We had visitors Joe and Tim who are runners and potential members, and a repeat visit from (Er… don’t know). Returnees were Grizzly, Boner and now- regular Jack Russell. With Bushy’s promises of lots of toilet paper and the likelihood of a river crossing sensible people wore little of value, and the packs set off after enjoying the company of several very attractive local ladies (See the Hash Flash report to verify this). Runners went basically a long thin anticlockwise loop  northwards and walkers southfirst and then east then back over the same bridge, both loops through shiggy, sand, ticks, flies and heat. The walkers were still beaten home by the runners in 50 minutes. Not quite as hot as could have been and pleasant company all round. Only one member -Boner enjoyed the swim. On yer Boner.

Only one significant mistake for the night: NO bloody chips. Now fair go committee-it’s your only skill and you buggered it- just because the GM was not there. Just as well Bushy put on pre-circle snags and olives. The snags were bloody hot too! They almost made up for the lack of splash after the run.
This was perhaps only beaten by the raffle being conducted without the prize card pick. Are you getting the trend here?Only two months more of this committee.

Presentations came from ON-SEC Horse and RA Emu as required under the standing orders for PH3, including about some proposed amendment to the constitution.  The same (farkin’) song was sung only about 15 times but it still amused our visitors/potential members.

Obligatory racist joke from Emu. It would be greatly inappropriate if the jokes weren’t so good. Down downs a-plenty. Er… who were they?  Visitors, Birthday…….. andnumerous misdemeanours-real and imagined (you can see I am struggling cos I did not take notes. Nah… don’t  need notes I can remember this). RA Emu awarded the Hares 8.5 for the run. (Liberally inflated because of the RA’s and co-hare’s political leanings). Good run though-everyone was happy. Our visitors appeared very pleased with the night and even got a lift home with Pembo. 

Dinner was hamburgers with excellent and wide choices of extras. Best thing was – no plates…. You Bewdy. Can’t wait till next week.

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