Run 2538 Neon and Mastitis @ Kent St Weir

I’ve always ignored run write-ups on the basis that a) its old news b) only sad souls read them, but I guess as I’m hash cash, I should do the right thing.

The Bullsbrook mob joined us in a potentially rather soggy Riverside Park, but nature was kind over this dry week and only a few leaks seeped into my runners. Have no idea where we went, but nice little bridge over river, then into the bush, only to re-enter at said bridge 45 minutes later. The runners came in awash with sweat after 70 minutes lamenting the lack of false trails.

Horse had Bulllsbrook’s Tampax up for a down-down for an unruly dog then rambled on about the Mother Hash 80th year (apparently  Barefoot was a hit as he was born on same years the hash !), apologised to Polecat for his poor maths (40 years, not 30 in hash) and Emu told a great joke involving $200 in coins with Budgie as the main actor. The Bullsbrook boys finished with their boisterous song.

Neon and Mastitis excelled with a Curry (made by Neon’s 81` year old mother !!), with Ice-cream and two-fruits to finish and were awarded a well-deserved 8.    




Run 2536 Scumbag and Antman @ Yokine Reserve

On a particularly dry night (despite the weather expectations) a small group of runners set out from the bucket before losing the trail immediately. Fortunately, it was picked up again and the pack continued on the trail despite their brief lack of direction. The run was well set with plenty of false trails and checks to keep the pack together with the only gripe it needing a bit more chalk. Roughly 50 minutes and 7km later (Unless you’re a SCB) the pack arrived back at the bucket in time for chips and splash.

During the circle, down downs went to returnees Shakin, Pitt, Goliath, Mastitis and Conman as well as Polly for his 3-wheeled journey down south and Birdman for his hole-in-one. The bell went to Goliath for jumping the fence into the bowling club

For dinner, the Hares had cooked up a Hash classic of burgers with a welcome addition of bacon and onions that certainly went down well.

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