Run 2535 Scottish Ensemble Ramrod / Haggis / Hon. Scott Scummy

We started with a customary loop and off  GAYLANDS . Some FTs were used but a few early would have slowed the Swifties although a couple of well place FT finally did that . THEN we crossed busy Guildford road and a head count was needed to ensure no one was a casualty .  Thru side streets and over Garrett Rd to a series of lanes near Bayswater subway and the back to the Railway .

The Walkers (some ) crossed under the Railway for a brief contact with the pack and then followed the West side of the line to Meltham station .A small group of Rebel Walkers stayed on the East of the line to short cut home under guidance of FAGS who lead them the LONG way

OH yes the Drain . When the pack reached the drain they avoided the obvious crossing to avoid wet feet and as a result entered the GREAT SANDY DESERT which seemed to go on forever –some option!!

Finally another disaster ridden crossing of Guildford Rd and the Walkers were home in 1 hour and Runners about 1:10

There was panic from MUMBLES  as the  RA called in sick and there appeared to be no chips  .SIR KNOB to the rescue with chips and RA duties which included (eat your heart out EMU )a Welcome to Country and a personal message from the local muslim IMAN )

HAGGIS got the bell for setting the run ,and then running the run to keep pack together  Looked a great run which good have been even better with a few more FTs to keep the pack less strung out .

MULIGATAWNY soup followed and finally because of the small pack BUDGIE and DICK insisted on take aways to reduce bottle counting

Great night

Wouldnt be dead for QUIDS