Run 2528 – Birdman and Barefoot

It was a great run set up by Birdman and co-hare Barefoot.

The only major criticism is maybe they should not trust meteorologists (especially those in hash) to give you weather forecasts … there was no need for wellington boots.

It was a nice 7.7km run through an area with various stops to admire the impressive houses (mansions and castles).

A warm ham and pea soup was perfect for a nice cold night.

Speial mention to Sir Knob for contributing a whisky for the raffle, to Jerrycan for the insight into Ned Kelly (may he rest in peace), to the committee for allowing Xmas to say a joke (and this time, it was actually pretty good and short), to Dick Tracey for ensuring Bushy never looses his keys again, to Emu for the nice picture of the Croatian president lookalike and to the neighbour dancing along on Birdman's back patio (refer to Shirlock's video at around the 3min 14sec mark).

Thank you Birdman.


Perth #. On On.

(Editor's note from Sir Knob: I think the whisky was donated by Antman)

Run 2530 Dollar Rises Again

We turned up to same same as last time   -It was raining and bleak –Usual for a Monday lately ,except for BIRDMAN”S effort earlier in month .

We took off in the rain with Hare’s instructions to walkers to go thru tunnel  . A small panic as we could not see chalk in dry tunnel . Local knowledge from the Supremo short cutter MOLE , soon had us on trail .

The runners had obviously had some initial difficulty in finding trail in the rain as when they had not caught up at 6:30 the courageous walking group reached the local shopping centre and headed home .Realising we were well ahead ACTION and Google  lead us past home and we came in via the back passage –always pretty exciting !!

According to ANOTHER PRICK In the WALL the  runners had totally lost trail and dribbled in about 7 pm and all quickly headed for shelter for a dry drink .

SIRTOMARSE delivered the worst joke I have heard since Primary School and SCUMMY rabbited on forever about some Harriet function Who Bloody cares ,except BIRDY if the circle lasts more than  7.5 minutes.

EMU then chastised (correctly ) the previous weeks hares for no signage  (left    ‘em home ) and appealed to future Hares to help JMs by finding replacement when unable to perform (a few of us are familiar with that problem )

We then heard about COLONEL’s dick amputation (that WAS funny ) and enoyed DOLLAR’s tasty beef stew .

Well done DOLLAR and FT but there is no reason why you can’t set this run again in 18 months as no-one has fully completed your run yet


Run No. 2529 Hares – Goliath & Sir Tom


Location South of the River – Never Good! No signs for guidance some of us had to do the scenic tour.

Weather was windy and light rain.

The sporting complex veranda protected us from the weather we were able to locate the trailer there also.

Numbers were down 30+ mostly due to the weather and the distance South of Perth.

What time is a 6:00pm start? 6:10pm apparently!

The Hares marked the trail late due to the weather both arrived back covered in lime powder. The use of lime worked well considering the weather.

The run / walk started at 6:10pm the only piker was the Mole who stayed beside the fire,  “too wet, too cold” he said.

The walk went for an hour and 10 minutes, crossed the trail with the runners from time to time. The run was well marked new country through bush tracks, roads and creeks which Boner tried to cool down by taking a swim!

From all accounts the run was a good run. No complaints only Boner. The on on was a bit confusing with a false trail and some distance from home.

The walkers and runners returned to the trailer about the same time 7:20pm approximately.

The usual get together before the circle everything seemed ok until no chips. What? No chips?!

The night was saved by Dick Tracey and his birthday chocolates!

The circle started with visitors, returnees and birthdays down downs with the odd songs from Gumby!

Then Budgie interjection seemed to take over the circle.

Apparently emu got lost finding his way to the run and went home! Emu’s fill in was Budgie  who by then was in full flight.

Thank God he was only on for a short time.

The run received a 7 out of 10.

Foods on! Curried Sausages and Corned Bread – Very Very Nice and plenty of it!

A good night was had by all!

Thanks Goliath and Sir Tom


Run 2527 Jointly with West Coast Hash, Troy Park, Attadale. “Get Wet with West Coast”

Run 2527 Jointly with West Coast Hash, Troy Park, Attadale.

“Get Wet with West Coast”

This event, from the usual place in Troy Park, was advertised as starting at 18.15. A pity some keen West Coast types got impatient and set off five minutes early in the pouring rain.  I was still getting ready, and set off three minutes later, in the pouring rain, to try and catch them. Well, that was always going to be a hopeless task, given my acknowledged lack of both pace and stamina. I did get a couple of distant glimpses but that was all. Any trail marks had been thoroughly washed away, so it was a “live hare” run. However, by this stage it wasn't merely raining, it was bucketing down! Not wanting to get lost after dark in Attadale, a decidedly dodgy part of town, I decided to cut my losses and return to the finish to get into some dry clothes. Just as I was approaching home, the rain eased off and our walkers appeared out of the gloom. Sensibly they had delayed setting out until the rain eased off. They shamed me into joining them and we strolled around the suburban streets for half an hour or so. Phantom navigated with the help of a laminated map.

Walkers and front runners were back at the beer in less than an hour. There was plenty of shelter, and our gas heater was most welcome.


The circle was mercifully short Emu and Lasagna were awarded downdowns for complaining that each time they caught up with the waiting pack, the runners set off again without giving them time to catch their breath.

Gumby was hauled up for wearing poncy leather office shoes. Nanny was done for ignoring the “no dogs” advice in the run directions.  

Scumbag put on a carton of Coopers Sparkling to help us celebrate his 72nd birthday; nothing but the best for our Scummy..


Thirty three Perth Hashmen  enjoyed pasta Bolognese, prepared by Sir Knob (possibly with some assistance) whilst ten West Coast chaps had to put up with KFC.


Thanks to West Coast for inviting us; next time please organise better weather.




Run 2527 – Joint Run with West Coast H3 at Troy Park, Attadale

Run 2527 – Joint Run with West Coast H3 at Troy Park, Attadale

Because it had been raining most of the afternoon, West Coast hare Simple elected to have a live hare run. The weather looked pretty good as we changed in the almost flooded carpark.

But the complacency soon disappeared 1 minute into the run when the heavens simply opened and it bucketed down for about 15 minutes.

Even the many walkers got their precious tootsies wet!

Gumby’s R.M.Williams running boots turned out not to be waterproof! But his new drone was good, particularly the photos of his neighbour’s wife.

The run would have been quite good had it been conventionally set – some good hills, bit of bush, expensive real estate to look at and about 55 minutes.

Lasagne & Emu ran non-stop the whole time and were exhausted because, whilst the young bucks of WC courteously called a hash halt, the moment we arrived they were off again. Bit testing for us blokes not in full training mode.

Not as bad as Antman & Triple J who got lost.

I’d guess PH3 had 12 runners and about the same number of walkers.

Barcode copped a down down for his golf shot which landed behind the ladies tee [think called a harlot] via a blackboy.

Tucker was terrific and plentiful thanks to Sir Knob & Lilliana [more credit to the latter methinks!] for the curly fettuccine bolognaise.

Thanks for the carton Scummy.

Ended up being a good night, as usual and much healthier than for those who woosed out!

On On Emu


Run 2526 DICK TRACY with Co-hares BUDGIE and RIMMER at Carine Open Space

25/6/2018  Carine open space. Cold.

Hare: The Hon Dick Tracey   co-hares – there were several, but the most notable were Budgie & Rimmer.

After Dick Tracey running through the qualities of the tucker he had cooked up [impressive that it was non-halal], we set off west along Beach Road on a 3km clockwise loop – too bad if you were a late comer!
Now Dick must have upset some of the locals when setting this run because shortly into the run, Emu encountered a grumpy over-weight male walker who poured shit on him for disturbing his peace. 
Emu replied with the customary "gfy"
Unbeknown  to Gumby who was running some distance behind, when he encountered this bloke, he was already primed up. So some considerable discourse ensued and ended with a healthy trade of insults and expletives. Well done Gumby for representing Hash so eloquently.
Anyway, by then the pack was split into 3 or 4 groups. 
Territory was good and well marked,  but several rather long stretches without falsies or checks. Not good for grouping. ][lgpt folk would interpret that as lack of “groping” opportunity].
Run time ~55 minutes which is ideal.
All good back at the buket. Mrs. Dick Tracy  did outstanding job with piping hot chicken stew and a chicken curry to feed the masses. Thanks guys.
On On Emu