Run 2522 – Shakin’ at Maylands Golf Course

Our first really chilly night running this year and fortuitously Shakin organized the rain to hold off.

Plenty of car parking and lights that worked opposite Maylands golf club.

Shakin, ably assisted by Polecat and a youthful Mitch from the relative pool, set a pretty good run. Well marked, adequate checks and falsies.

We began in the newer section of the suburb and wended our way anti-clockwise towards Guildford road at which point, the pack split at the recreation centre, never to be rejoined.

Triple and Scummy, being visionally challenged,  found it quite difficult as they were both saving the batteries in their torches.

There were 3 or 4 very long stretches which is the dilemma faced when setting runs in older suburbs.

Good length if you did the full run 60-70 minutes

Back at the bucket, a good circle, good tucker and even the luxury of a fire in Shakin’s designer bbq.

Thanks for your effort  Shakin.