Run 2521 – Raindrops at Beasley Park, Leeming

Heading south on the car park we just beat Budgie at 5:59 in the wagon where an anxious pack awaited the arrival of the bucket at a place known as Beasley Reserve.  Whether this was named after the famous footballer (de-frocked stockbroker Simon), the dyed in the wool republican who was accepted the position of Governor representing the Queen Kim or as I suspect after Elbow's mate the right honourable Kim Snr. 


By this time, time to start the run in pitch black through the entrails of Leeming, skirting

the golf course and having not a clue where we were running/walking. Terrific run with

walkers constantly intermingled with runners with all arriving back to the bucket close

to the hour. Raindrops and Fags to be complimented. 


Entertainment on the run: Barefoot doing a limp fall and having to be carted off to Fiona Stanley complements of Sir Tom. Silly old fart should be with the walkers.


Update on Mandurah Hash from Stumbles who holds at least four positions hon sec –

newsletter editor and keeping the 20 over sexed females away from the 8 males most of whom are useless due to prostate operations etc.  He is looking for a replacement!!


Back to the circle where Horse read out the usual list of cumming events and told his

normal limp dick joke at the end (better than usual). Down downs for Double G (Triple J) on 20 years of hashing and Pitt for something I cannot recall, probably his birthday.


Dockers fans duly punished for the weekends inept performance again. Sack Ross!!


Before Emu had his say Double G once again put on a cameo performance dwelling on the Royal Wedding emulating Bishop Currie's drivel but showing that despite his Scottish origins he is a royalist to the end.


Then the script shuffler rabitted on without his usual muso taunts wrapping up the night

giving Raindrops and Fags nine and a half out of ten for an excellent run. 


Here endith!!!