Run 2517 – Anzac Joint Run hosted by Bullsbrook at Garvey Park

Run 2517 – Anzac Joint Run hosted by Bullsbrook at Garvey Park, with Perth, Hamersley, Fremantle, West Coast and assorted others.

Hashmen of Perth amassed with all their assorted buckets at Garvey Park for this Anzac Run hosted by Bullsbrook. The weather was cool but still, so ideal conditions, another perfect night for Hashing.

Proceedings commenced just before 6:15 with some traditional Anzac words to commemorate those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, with many Hashmen wearing their best Anzac t-shirts, various military regalia and a few medals in the mob.

The pack of over 100 runners and walkers set off at a good pace through Garvey Park along the River, then the runners took a couple of right-handers onto Great Eastern Highway back towards the airport. From this point I have no idea where the walkers went. The runners quickly spread out along the long straight runs, as the global chalk shortage became apparent, with the total number of checks and false trails countable on one hand. The pack found enough arrows to be taken on a tour of the airport extremities along Fauntleroy Avenue, Dunreath Drive and the now-blocked-off Brearley Drive. The front runners were cracking along at quite pace as we crossed Great Eastern Highway again, where I deliberately slowed down to allow young BONER to catch up to give him some confidence in his upcoming double-stage of the Margaret River Ultra Marathon in s couple of weeks time.

We swung back into Garvey Park and finished on the out trail after a short, sharp 5.5km run, where we were welcomed with cheese and crackers to accompany the Splash, courtesy of the wonderful Hound Dog committee. Miraculously, the walkers appeared from a different direction, but arrived safe and sound without losing anyone, not even Phantom.

The circle was led by some interesting Bullsbrook characters, where charges were heard. BONER was made to sit on ice "probably" for talking in the circle. Our very own Hash Flash SHERLOCK upset proceedings when he was charged having a bigger one than the Bullsbrook Hash Flash (I’m taking about photographic appendage around his neck). When he was instructed to sit on ice for this crime he stood in the circle, raised his middle finger as a sign of his respect of the authority therein, and told them all to “Get fucked”. This prompted much jeering amongst the pack, whereby one of RUMPOLE's Hamersley mates offered to sit on the ice on SHERLOCK's behalf. TAMPAX, a Bullsbrook hare, was given a down-down for losing his car keys while setting the run, which were never found and resulted in the RAC towing him, and his car, home. BUDGIE was called up for his antisocial parking of the bucket, and his Perth mates offered to transfer him to Hamersley, but this generous offer was refused. So we've still got him.

Some raucous singing of Hash Club songs finished the circle, including a solo performance by the only member of Fremantle Hash to be present. After which Perth Hashmen chowed down on some delicious pasta which your GM ACTION had cooked up earlier in the day. It was so good that leftovers were taken by Antman and Horse for their dogs/chooks or maybe for breakfast the next morning. But it was a good crowd, good weather, runners ran and walkers walked. What more could you want from a night of Hashing?

Well, maybe a bit more chalk . . .