Run 2512 – The Mole and Dick Tracy @ Kallaroo

The weather was good and torches were not yet needed. Twenty-one runners set out (and came back!) and the walkers looked to be a similar number. With the runners were two hounds; a very small one with Moses and there was 'Meeka' a dingo type from Meekatharra? showing Nanny how to run!

We found the trail prominently marked including many FTs and although somewhat confusing (especially when our own 'FT' often ran back through us) it all seemed to keep us together. This was comforting for our tailenders Triple J., Emu, Action, 3G (back from Spain; might run The Bulls another time) Ringburner, Pitt, Haggis, and Barefoot of course who heard from Ringburner that his cousin ? Henderson played rugby for Ireland in the victory over England the previous Saturday! And on St. Patrick's day! Efforts are being made to see this — Ringburner hasn't seen it himself yet!

We didn't see the walkers until 7 pm when we arrived together at the bucket! Brilliant! Of course they had been tasting beer (at Whitford's Brewery?) as evidenced by Vimeo (between bouncing boobs). The Hare told me he measured the entire run at about 7.5 km? and including all false trails at 12 km.

At The Bucket Religious Adviser Emu kept us amused with solemn stories plus an amusing one about a dog named "Sex".

We had a hot soup richly supplied with potatoes and including onion, meat, and a nice, sticky gravy sauce (I found it hard to clean off the bowls) and I guessed it was 'goulash'.

The Hares were complimented on their run, weather, light and scored 8.5/10.

 BAREFOOT, runner and scribe.


Run 2511 Barcode with Boner @ Hedley Jorgensen Park

The baying hash hounds assembled in the hills just west of Kalgoorlie on a hot autumn evening in frantic anticipation of catching and devouring the infamous Hillbilly Hares. Although the hounds had travelled a great distance for this event there was no delays to start this event.

The horn sounded, the baying increased and into the hot Parrot Bush scrub they ventured, impeded only by the clever laying of small orange ball bearing like stones by the Hillbilly Hares. Uphill, down dale, some strange black top surface and more ball bearings.

The hounds were treated to a well-earned, although short drink stop to continue the chase. After 55 minutes of chasing the Hillbilly Hares they returned emptyhanded. More welcoming drinks were offered.

The gathering was addressed, redressed and undressed, the hares were awarded a score of 9.

The hounds then fed on some unusual but tasty game meat served with corn a potato salad. Some more drinks and the hounds slowly found their way back to their home kennels.

RUN 2507     2017 AGPU at the Goat Farm in Greenmount

RUN 2507     2017 AGPU at the Goat Farm in Greenmount

The day was warm with a nice sea breeze blown into the foothills. The Hares Boner & Barcode had set the trail and were walking the supplies to the drink stop, when smoke was noticed in the south west corner on the run. Being on the side of the hill and under the phone tower, Boner got his five bar connection to dial 000. Phone calls in the Hills don’t always connect due to location.

The smoke was pushed up the hill from the Heritage Trail near Coulston Rd and the sirens of the Fire & Rescue vehicles could be heard heading to any spot the light tankers could mop up. The big tankers slowly negotiated the wash out access track towards the Goat Farm carpark. They had as much trouble picking their line of least resistance as The Mole did on his motorbike. This was an arson fire lit by someone on a motorbike.

The pack assembled with the runners heading off downhill attracted by the smell of smoke. A challenging run set by Boner, 3G took his phone so he could not get lost on Dad’s run. The walkers headed uphill & uphill with a false trail on the downhill southern slope. This was the warm up to get to the drink stop perched on top of a gravely knoll. Were all the wall blocks carried up to site? The walkers and our media man (Sherlock) gently navigated down the pea gravel surface to reach some BMX tracks and back to the bucket. The runners drank & carried the remaining Emu Bitter & Swan Draught cans down the hill to the table with the nibbles, all laid out for the last of the seagulls to devour.

Beers, food & awards were all taken up to the shelter for the Oscar evening (no red carpet) with only Bushy parading in a skirt. There were many down downs, even ICE for committee members and songs from Gumby. Anniversary mugs were handed out to Jaapie, Rumpole, Gnocchi, Budgie, Mumbles, Mark 1, Barefoot, & Crayfish. The Seagull committee tried to put shit on most of the members, with only a few standing still to receive the annual awards. Read all about it in the hard copy anal.

The Hound Dog Committee was introduced by the sounds of Elvis; he must be a walker by now. Action called the pack together to receive their nice new committee shirts and they actually fit.

The caterers from Jolly Belly in Glen Forrest prepared 3 curries & rice with pappadams for the pack. All the meat was eaten and that left some very tasty soup, too good to give to the dogs on the run.

A big thankyou to Seagull & his committee for the past years events. Barcode you can now put your feet up and relax with the family.

OnOn               Horse

Onsec Hound Dog Committee (slowly getting older & wiser)