SEAGULL & Q Go Viral in Lesmurdie 2493


Flies, Ants, Snakes, Ticks, Rocks,  Heat, Dust, Shiggy, Hills, Wild animals (and neighbours), Bad manners, Bullshit and Beer….every Hashman’s dream. 


Well the Hillbillies didn’t disappoint tonight. A true celebration of everything basic, unrefined and rough as guts natural. SEAGULL and Q must have been pissing themselves whilst setting this run. The first half of the run was set in what could only be described as a rock quarry, undulating relentlessly over about 4 kms. This of course led to the downfall…litterally… of several  Hashers, having fallen victim to the” ball bearing” strewn, laterite track. Yours truly included…and not happy Jan!! Trying to run on this surface, up and down hills was sheer suicide. Fortunately there was some respite across  to the north side of Lesmurdie Road, where the trail continuedfor another 5 kms through semi suburbia, up and down hills but at least on firm ground. 


Residents unfortunate enough to be living anywhere along the trail were treated to the usual barrage of yelling and screaming etc and in one instance someone amongst  them even suggested that flyers be placed in the mail boxes of all the residents along the trail warning them of an upcoming Hash run in their street…seriously!!!?

Not a bad run all considered and TRIPPLE J awarded it a 9/10


Food was…different! Spicy potato, pumpkin and sausage casserole served with a ladle full of corn kernels and crusty bread. Very “innovative” one would have to say and it went down a treat.


Nice work Hillbillys


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