Run 2486 – Rimmer



The pack slowly assembled at the Warwick Bowling Club. As the bewitching hour of 6.00pm arrived there appeared to be about 40 present.  Politics and the footy had been discussed in depth and still no firm conclusions had been reached as to how to resolve the great questions of our time.


Rimmer had admitted, in the earshot of your scribe, that been concerned with the length of the run and had reviewed the trail on at least a couple of occasions. 


It was good to see Mr Magoo again, who had arrived from his exotic abode in Thailand.  He regaled as with tales from the Land of Smiles. Gerrycan was accompanied by a potential new member “Chris”, good to see.    


With the pack listening intently, we were told that we would be on chalk and flour, just for a change, and sent on our way.


The runners headed North and the walkers South.


The runners as usual spread out with “guns” (aka FT) disappearing into the distance, never to be seen again until the rest of runners arrived at the “Bucket”. The rest who were moving at a more gentile pace resumed discussions about the Eagles weekend performance.   The Dockers woes were also examined with Ballantyne’s new one year contract, Fyfe’s million dollar contract and whether Sandilands will last out 2018.  The brilliant driving of Vettell was also examined, given that he was able to take out a Red Bull and a Ferrari in the 1st 200 metres of the Singapore Grand Prix.


The trial meanders through the back streets of Warwick without any real incident,  However, at one stage the runners came upon the “Walkers” who were deep in discussions with Phantom about the direction of the run.  The run was well marked, except there could have a few more false trails and checks to keep the pack together.


Phantom led the “Walkers” south around the back of the Warwick Senior High School, around the rear of the Nursing Home, where we nearly lost half of the pack who were already looking for a rest.  But urged on by our fearless leader waving the “map” in the air, like a tour leader from a Wendy Woo tour, they continued into the back streets of Warwick. The pack meandered north towards Penistone Park and then back to bucket”. All in all a pleasant stroll.


The events at the “bucket” were much as usual, with Barcode describing various upcoming events including the Friday Sundowner, Hash lunch and the Father Children’s weekend. While all this was taking place, suddenly out of the gloom a spectre appeared.  Good heavens it was none other than our Thailand member Magoo, some half hour after the rest of the pack.  Naturally he was required for a down down.  


Triple J assailed our senses some of his endless supply of jokes.  However, even though he was listed as the co-hare he absolved himself of any blame in regard to the run.  I thought the Scots stuck together.


A good supply of bangers, peas and mash was suppled, and many went back for seconds –a testament to the quality.


All in all a good run and On On.


Well done Rimmer.




Leaving the country ,over the cut with a top sunset in view I picked up Doc[Mandurah/Bunbury HHH] and down the freeway full of anticipation of catching up with Perth's top pack.  For once the freeway was kind to us and apart from the usual snarl at the Roe Hwy it all went smoothly. The pack was already gathering but there was time to catch up with old mates and chat about the top lunch that Rhino organised ,over 25 a great turnout. More arrived  until about 50 fronted up.


Sir Knob wearing his Akubra hat and looking a lot like Baa Baa Barnaby Joyce  greeted us and assured us it was well marked, walkers got a map in case we got lost. Tomato Lake has certainly changed since the first hash run I had here in 1981 then it was a bulrush lined swamp and as somebody remarked all you could hear were frogs. Doc tells me 1, 1/2 million was spent upgrading it and it looks terrific. We swing right and over a wooden walkway and plunge into the depths of Carlisle. I couldn't help noticing lots of interesting looking people, Sudanese, Burkas, Pakistanis etc. until I was told the old Kewdale school is now a Muslim college lets hope Sir Knob doesn't have bacon sarnies for food.


More roads lots of chalk, well marked, Budgie and Jaarpie decide to join the runners until they realised their mistake. Lots of chat on the run , catching up with news and gossip. Nanny is keeping us on the straight and narrow. Jaarpie about my pace so we fill the middle section until home is in sight and the mob short cut. Back home a beer is the thing Skid donates carton of Fifty lashes good to see him back in top form. I sit on a Hyundai excel bonnet[its warm] that some lass had left there[ busy working I expect]. All too soon its circle time and the GM calls order, the mob is unruly [what’s different] but quickly quieten down. General business centred on the 2500th run, not to be missed  and its all under way. Doc and I get a down down as visitors and if you noticed I haven’t lost my skill in downing a beer [not bad for 80 y o]. No sign of the RA but lots got pounded for various misdemeanours.


The Fuzz came by took a look and continued followed by  the ranger who also decided we were too many to accost. The cops tried to arrest 50 at a run at the Round house in Freo but gave up when Hashers kept re-joining the queue and giving different names. The smell of the food was tantalising and every bit as good as it smelt, top curries Thai in nature I felt well, I had two helpings[I am a lonely bachelor] love those Croatian girls. My wife Dragon[Jan] is in a Croatian aged care home and they top birds. Another beer and all's well with the world this is WA's premier kennel no ifs or buts about it.


Sir Knob has obviously got a grip on what is a good run and brought it to a satisfactory climax. Doc and I intend to come to as many runs as possible, what's a 180 klm round trip.


On  On





For those with very long memories one fateful run from Tomato lake made the front  page of the West Australian, a maiden run by a young lad whose hash name was Luigi ,after Luigi sava da money from WA Salvage. His father was a Italian butcher and provided the meat for the food afterwards. The run is a distant memory but we all wore handkerchiefs with a knot in each corner shouting On ah On ah. Where does this lead to, well a few years afterwards Luigi is an Accountant in a wheat belt town , doing very well and building a mansion on a farm costing $2 million more than the whole town was worth.{i sold at Auction for $560,000]


How did this happen well he wasn't paying the farmers tax to the ATO but putting into his own bank account. Of course he got caught [where is this going you ask] well the police went out to arrest him whilst in the police are he swallowed two fumigation tablets that they use to treat a whole grain silo to kill pests. he died very quickly, the 2 cops had to exit the car before they went with him, a special vehicle was sent from Perth with drivers in full protection gear. they arrived at RPH emergency where My wife Jan was in Charge, as he was dead and they couldn't put in the morgue located in the basement as he was still fuming!! so it had to be locked in a holding yard with him in it until the fumes dissipated. The cop car and the pick up van had to wrecked. No other hash man has achieved this notoriety. Some have tried !! Oh Tomato Lake memories memories.


One further comment Chunder at one stage thought the talking toilets were Police boxes where they were spying on us what is he taking these days.



Conman visits God’s own country: Belmont

Together with hashers from Bullsbrook we assembled in the Francisco Road warehouse of Food Rescue for a brief presentation on their charity operations. This amazing operation collects surplus fresh food including from CBD cafes and delivers it same day to women’s refuges and homeless people. They distributed 57,130 kg of fresh food in July alone. Well done to those hashers who volunteer for this organisation.

Someone anonymous – he deserves a down down if he can be identified – suggested that Food Rescue might be contracted to cater for a future run.

Then the horn sounded and we were off into the wilds of Belmont’s central industrial area past the “informal” alfresco “dining” areas set up under trees but all deserted in the evening. We wandered through older residential areas of Belmont and then passed the Signal Hill bushland – saved from development by an early environmental campaign 20 years ago.

At last we reached one of the splendours of Belmont, Faulkner Park and made our way alongside lakes and gardens and a recreation centre claimed by one of our members as a political “achievement”. The claim was greeted politely but without any evident excitement by those walkers who couldn’t avoid hearing it.

Back at Food Rescue the circle was interrupted by persistent parking but despite numerous allegations your writer was unable to determine the delinquent owner. A representative from Bullsbrook mounted the crate but after a prolonged silence uttered one sentence and retired. Looking around at the crowd I could understand his trepidation.

Naturally Triple was more voluble but also more alarming as he produced a sword of enormous size. As those of English ancestry recoiled he pointed out the stains of English blood along its length. It became apparent that the purpose of the sword was to assist in the naming of our new member who rode in on a Harley Davidson and out with the name Vespa.

After some forgettable (because clearly forgotten) jokes and down downs we hoed Into Conman’s chili con carne which, especially when fortified with the supplied Tabasco, came with the required amount of heat to satisfy any hash gathering.

Thanks Conman and co-hare Birdman for a great evening

On on

Sir Knob

2482 Lasagna


The run was held on 21 August 2017 at Barridale Park, Kingsley.

The weather bureau must have forecast a night that would be freezing cold and pouring with rain, because Antman turned up wearing a waterproof blue coat that he said was made for Alaskan conditions and Sherlock had on a waterproof red coat that would have suited the worst Antarctic conditions.

Fortunately the weather bureau was wrong (as it usually is) and the night turned out to be fine and reasonable temperature-wise.

The run got going and throughout it, Triple J would just not stop ringing the bell.

There was one casualty and one near casualty on the run. Firstly, Rumpole fell over and feigned severe injury merely because he grazed one of his knees. Secondly, Barefoot got lost (and may never have been found!), but ultimately found his way back, probably because he could smell the delicious hamburgers that were being cooked.

Budgie, although only walking, complained about walking up every hill he came to and he told us all, how he had recently ridden down many of these hills on his bike and had it not been for his superb riding skills he would have come a cropper on each one because of their narrowness and steepness.

At the end, however, it was all worthwhile as Lasagna and Gnocchi provided some of the best hamburgers we have had the whole year.

All in all, good weather, adequate cover if it had rained, good lighting and great food !!!