Awesome 4 Sum set a joint run with Hamersley, Bullsbrook, West coast and Perth hash.

It was a cold and miserable Monday night, but what else would you rather be doing.

The run start was from the Fleur Freane Reserve Pavilion.

With a late start of 6.15pm, of we headed, but within 10 minutes it started to rain, leaving us all like wet dogs.

There was a Runners and a Walkers trail which was marked with chalk and grey paint, If the rangers question the grey paint, Hamersley did it.

Up to the drink stop, we were handed port and lemonade out of the back of nanny’s car. Nanny did a good job holding up the front runners so that the back runners could catch up.

We set off after the drink stop with the final leg being 15 minutes to home, Luckily, we were rained on again.

Back home we were greeted with soggy crackers and dips, and black and white male anatomy, must have fallen out of hamersley’s bus.

Just proves that hamersley does infact take it….


Tripple J fed us with Pasta with a Bolegnese sauce with plenty of helpings.

Well done Tripple J, Well done Nanny

2480 Crayfish and Bushie – Stumbles run write-up



As usual sets the bar for the rest of us to live up to. Having popped in to see Dragon[my wife] at the Villa Dalmacia aged care home I hurried to Wembley to catch up with boys before the run kicks off, cant believe the amount of development as I headed through Alfred rd. units popping up like mushrooms. A small crowd awaited in the car park, evidently  a lot of boys parked outside the netball courts to check the score!! lead by Horse I was told.


My old mate” Has Been” from Albany was there[Dollars cousin] so I caught up with all the news on what's happening down there, we were both in real estate down there so had lots to chat about. Crayfish is busy cutting loads of cheese up and Colonels dog is very interested he was looking for a bite but unlucky in this instant. Xmas arrives with Horse the Foxy still wants to root everything Inc. my leg., Chatted to FT about Subiaco's crushing win on Sat. Bushy arrives and introduces me a delightful Porter which I had never see before which slipped down a treat. The packs building up and lots  of faces both old and new I started with Perth in 1980 and there is still a lot guys still there Inc. of course Phantom the Old master. Antmans arrives with his dog Pudgy a strange name for a greyhound its wearing more gear than any of the pack dressed by Vinnie's. Budgie chirps up and there's Lasagna making money looking after Antmans fleet of crappy old pommy cars and helping Mark One get to the funeral in time.


By now Horse has torn himself away from the basketball court and is firing up the commercial BBQ a beauty because there is heaps to cook. GM Barcode gets the pack ready [knew him when he was in nappies] we get a briefing and we are off. Pretty soon Xmas , Antmans and I are at the back of the pack held up by Pudgy crapping and pissing at every other telephone pole [ that’s my excuse] but we are on trail, no calling[what’s new]. but we are still there. Xmas knows a short cut to catch the pack so off we go for some reason no further trail was seen. We wed our way through Wembley catch the pub where Antmans son used to be manager. We swing by the Police station  and its home somehow we beat the walkers in by 10 minutes but my tricky left knee is not complaining. Then super fit Emu leads the runners in what a champion followed by the kindergarten.


Bushy hits me with another Porter I have a chat to Gumby[sans hat] and Barcode gets the circle going, a fairly unruly one at that but he preservers'. Top gun is running tours to the swan Valley hope he remembers the ice for the white wines!! Next lunch is at the RAAF  museum and Inc. a tour for those interested. Sebastian's was voted a success cheap and good. Then its RAs turn Triple J without his interpreter talks with a mouthful of marbles but the faithful seem to understand I think he was the Marquis De Sade in an earlier life because he dishes out down downs like M & Ms I cop it as a visitor but how come its Colonials birthday on Wed. no down down and no carton guess he's voting Labor now.


Now its grub time the pack a large one over 40 lines up great hamburgers and salad and cheese fills the hole in my stomach. Bushy forces another Porter on me and feeling complete I decide to head for home its a long drive to Dawesville. Top night and I will endeavour to come to more runs its always a good turn.


On On



Congratulations to Mumbles on 40 years of hashing long may he reign.


As the previous Monday was the 20 year anniversary of Diana's death some may recall it was the same day as Gillies run at his North Fremantle pub.

2480 Crayfish and Bushie

Hares: Crayfish and Bushranger

Location: Matthews Netball Centre

Another fabulous night of Hashing , spoilt only by the threat of a roving RBT (for those of us who don’t have a driver).  The location had it all, cover close at hand, brand new lighting, freshly  bituminised car park, and almost perfect weather I’m yet to work out what the perfect weather is for Hash, but Mumbles certainly knows a perfect wether when he sees one.

A good crowd was there for the start. Obviously the retirees had returned from their summer hols in the Northern Hemisphere and the other retirees were yet to leave for Autumn in Europe. Then of course there is Mole getting more heat by going to Queensland via the desert roads. Good luck.

As you would expect from old hares (I use the word “old” with the utmost respect for their experience) it was well set and clearly marked with loops and sneaky stuff throughout the run.  You knew you were in for a good run when there was a great false trail in the beginning loop, catching nearly all us short-cutters. Well done. Only 5 minutes into the run and Tripple J went arse over, much to the delight of those nearby. There was careful use of territory which kept the pack pretty well together once we crossed Cambridge St for the first time. Then the loops through the new Subiaco were fun. Back through Jolimont and it was all over bar the down downs.

A bonus point should have been awarded for the cheese biscuits and dill pickles. The circle was un-remarkable except for Tripple J admitting he had fallen three times in the last week. No wonder he had to award the bell to himself. Gumby was remarkably quiet during the circle (must have been in an interesting conversation). It was good to meet some of the visitors (there was only one real visitor from Albany) although we need to attract more running visitors.

The gourmet hamburgers were surprisingly good, but it was interesting that few went up for seconds (must have gorged themselves on the entre) and conversation flowed freely until stumps seemed to be called about 8.30.

A good run that deserved a better score, was the feeling of all in the pack except the one that counts. Looking forward to your next run Crayfish and Bushy.




Run 2479 In Memory of Foxy

In Memory of Foxy


Run 2479​  31 July 2017  ​​​​​Ringburner’s Run at East Fremantle


It was appalling conditions, a cold wet and windy evening under the Stirling Bridge but 12 intrepid hashmen (true and loyal to the club) rolled up for a run dedicated to the memory of Foxy.


We certainly had our doubts on what the hell we were doing there but miraculously the rain stopped right on 6 o’clock and off we headed towards Fremantle. The run was impeccably marked with a good selection of false trails and checks which kept the pack together. The pack looked after each other and waited for any back marker to catch up – how different to a normal run. The rain held off for the duration of the run and after covering about 5k’s we arrived home – lead in by Neonwho was running like an elite athlete.


Ringburner welcomed us back with a can of Guinness then brought out the chips, an individual packet for each runner – you can only imagine the comments. We had a brief circle (quality, not quantity) which started off with a toast to Foxy and then a down down was given to Nanny who stupidly admitted that the only reason he was there was because he had to do the run write up – stupid prick, his run is 2 weeks away!Jerrycan was there to collect visitor’s fees but made himself useful by being the minder of the car keys – he left early so he missed a down down.


The run was given a 12 out of 10. During the circle the wind strengthened and the rain started with a vengeance.  – someone must have been looking after us during the run.


To all those who didn’t front up, you missed a bloody good night.


Vale Foxy




Just a few notes on Mumbles run at Bicton – the run was held in the Bicton Plaza parking area with Dan Murphy looking down on us. Mumbles took a punt on the weather as there was no shelter but he got away with it. Preliminaries included Dollar Bill going off his brain for using the shopping trolleys to store the food and utensils (old habits die hard) and about 20 aged hashmen giving advice to a young lady with a learners plate on how to park her car.


This run was a tribute to Mumbles celebrating 40 years of hashing and he had his relations there as guests. It was good to catch up with Panties – he assures us he is no longer leading Chunda astray and Dave the Pom was there with his new dog.


The run started with Scummie as bell ringer and meanderedaround Bicton – not ideal territory as the area has big blocks and a shortage of cul de sacs and lanes. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable well marked 5.2k run. We never saw the front runners which is usual – I remember the days when during the run we had a hash halt or the front runners slowed up to allow the pack to regroup.


Down downs included Rhino winning the golf (or I thought he did as I saw him putting the trophy in his car), Neon christening his new shoes and Conman mislaying his car keys. The food was a gourmet hamburger in a boutique roll. I understand that there was an altercation when someone who shall remain nameless tried to take 2 hamburgers. Good effort Mumbles and congratulations on achieving 40 years of hashing.