2437 Colonel tries for Run of Year

Run 2437
Hare: Colonel
Co-hare: Budgie
We gathered in the carpark of the Christ Church Playing Fields in Mt Claremont for run 2437. Budgie began by filling us in with all the important bits about the trail but as usual he would not stop chirping until someone in the crowd yelled on on and the pack took off. 
We headed across an oval and then straight up a large sandy hill climb. 3G was waiting at the top enjoying the view in a fold out chair he had found. The rest of us found the false trail and slowly made our way to the bottom. We then took off across a few more fields and then into the burbs. 
There were a lot of false trails and some checks to keep the front runners interested but not enough to keep the pack together. We stopped for a brief hash halt and then continued on past the newly renovated Graylands Hash retirement village where we could see Scummy waving from his bedroom window. The pack eventually arrived back at the van on time but from different directions as usual. It was a well marked run with good terrain and it was enjoyed by all.
Barcode received a down down to celebrate his win at the national ballet dance competition. Raindrops toasted to his 75th anniversary in Hash (there abouts) for the second week in a row. Visitor Mike had a drink on us. He has been kindly driving Sherlock around town recently. There were also a few returnees – Mastitis, Elbows, Kilkenny and even Scummy was allowed out for a supervised visit!
The hares were called out to the circle and we were all showered in Budgie seeds. The run was given a score of 6.8 and then we tucked into some burgers. Certainly not fancy nosh but I think there was just enough for us all to get a burger because Horse was absent.
A good night out hashing. Well done and thanks boys!