2439 Haggis does it Differently

2439 Haggis, Haggis, Haggis

The Black Cats  would have eaten your run on the training track even though
they are bottom, good as. Boner, Seagull and their jet runner mates came in
without a sweat up. Even the RA had time to think about downgrading
Colonel's run rating to the depths.

The walkers enjoyed it. Most of the Sextarians, Septagenerians and the nigh
on Octogenarians were taken back to their childhood with memories of train
rides around Castledare, their frog hunting in the river bull rushes which
were a lot more overgrown then. As for the route, same old, same old, up one
street and then down another. Few checks, few false trails although when
accused of no false trails Haggis just replied no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no. Mumbles comment "boring".

 Perhaps the run could have had more FTs other than those off checks -Old HKong tric.

Food was just OK .Hungarian Goulash Soup and bread, what I feed my ancient 98 year old
mother in law. Good quality though as judged by the how well the leftovers
stuck to the plate. By the way you burnt one of the pots.

All in all good run, good district, not to far from my home!!!

ON ON Grandad

2437 Colonel tries for Run of Year

Run 2437
Hare: Colonel
Co-hare: Budgie
We gathered in the carpark of the Christ Church Playing Fields in Mt Claremont for run 2437. Budgie began by filling us in with all the important bits about the trail but as usual he would not stop chirping until someone in the crowd yelled on on and the pack took off. 
We headed across an oval and then straight up a large sandy hill climb. 3G was waiting at the top enjoying the view in a fold out chair he had found. The rest of us found the false trail and slowly made our way to the bottom. We then took off across a few more fields and then into the burbs. 
There were a lot of false trails and some checks to keep the front runners interested but not enough to keep the pack together. We stopped for a brief hash halt and then continued on past the newly renovated Graylands Hash retirement village where we could see Scummy waving from his bedroom window. The pack eventually arrived back at the van on time but from different directions as usual. It was a well marked run with good terrain and it was enjoyed by all.
Barcode received a down down to celebrate his win at the national ballet dance competition. Raindrops toasted to his 75th anniversary in Hash (there abouts) for the second week in a row. Visitor Mike had a drink on us. He has been kindly driving Sherlock around town recently. There were also a few returnees – Mastitis, Elbows, Kilkenny and even Scummy was allowed out for a supervised visit!
The hares were called out to the circle and we were all showered in Budgie seeds. The run was given a score of 6.8 and then we tucked into some burgers. Certainly not fancy nosh but I think there was just enough for us all to get a burger because Horse was absent.
A good night out hashing. Well done and thanks boys!

2438 Sweeney and Debbie at EVP

Run  No. 2438 Sweeny and Debbie at Harold Rossiter Park

It was deja vu for most of the assembled motley crew as Chunda had set a run at this location only a few weeks back.  Just like Chunda’s,  it started on the same trail but thankfully veered off to the north- east where the runners caught up with the Walkers and Dog Trainers group out for their leisurely stroll. This was to be the first and only time the pack met up with this group until we all returned to home to the bucket.
The trail had some good thought out checks and took us through the business district of East Victoria Park where the pack jogged passed a car yard with a “Fine Rides” sign either being applicable to the vehicles on show or the massage parlour next door?, an inviting watering hole (but no drinks offered) and a cafe with paramedics sitting outside where “Bushy” asked if he could get an oxygen lift to see him through to the end of the run.  It then circled around the Park Shopping Centre that gave some concern to the security guard and on to Berick Street (note I have left out the “W” as it is silent when pronounced being named after the Scottish/English border town).  After a couple of left turns and navigations through narrow laneways we turned into Jarrah Road heading north and to the bucket.
Hares did an excellent job with the great food served in specially procured containers with enough seconds for all, quite a contrast to Colonel’s economising “loaves and fishes” trick of the previous week. Down downs were given to returnees including Mumbles who discovered that Haggis had a street named after him in Hong Kong for completing 200 runs with Kowloon Hash.  The R.A. gave a 7.5 for the run but it might be upgraded next week as the food was so good.


Run 2435 The Numbats get all wet

The NUMBATS Fundraising Run at Raphael Park
moses-cartoon-parting-sea Moses leading the pack.
A standard serve of Perth Hashmen (about 20) attended this joint run on a freezing wet night.
The run started well enough with a few good false trails keeping the pack together before we went through the underpass under Canning Highway and across towards the river. It then started to bucket down. I, along with a few other hashers, managed to shelter under the Causeway until it stopped and then we struggled up Albany Highway and eventually caught the pack at the top of the hill. A bit of running through  the suburbs bought us back to the bucket in about 40 minutes.
Inside the sports pavilion, two harriets gave us short presentations about the two charities being supported (Prevention of Domestic Violence and Lung Cancer Research)  and then the normal number of Down Downs were consumed by various guilty parties.
After the circle, fried fish and chicken with chips and salad finished off the evening.(Ed) And sweets were then served.
Bushie – plagiarized from Action's Hash Newsletter.
PS Who the hell is Ed?

Run 2432 Polecat passes the ‘Boner test’.

POLECAT at Marmion Reserve with substitute co-hare (sorry I can't remember)
After the smallish pack competed with the local hockey team for the limited parking spaces we set off on a well designed loop around the oval, before heading south across Marmion St and up some unexpectedly steep hills with views over the city. After half an hour or so we crossed Marmion again and looped around to the east to come in in about an hour.
A well designed run with lots of good false trails best summed up by Moses first Commandment; "You can tell its a good run when Boner runs past you six or seven times".
After the circle, delicious meat pies were served with mash and peas.
Ned's brother Bushranger
(no he shouldn't have been called Sort Of !)
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This is a teaser…

Run 2436 ERNIE DINGO ‘s tour of Sri Lankan Cuisine

ERNIE DINGO ‘s tour of Sri Lankan Cuisine



2436  Ernie Dingo with a little help from his friends


A medium sized pack gathered in beautiful down town Alexander Heights, majority of comments generated by the pack  prior to the start was that they expected the run to be ordinary, but the food would make up for any deficiencies.

I can really only comment personally on the walkers aspect of the run which was good with good use of the parks in the area, and we were of course led by our fearless leader Phantom, and returned to the bucket in just under the hour.


The runners on the other hand were not a happy bunch on their return lots of complaints about the lack of checks and false trails stated that they spent all their time running in straight lines, it is always difficult to get an accurate picture of the run as most of them are wingers and wouid complain even if it was a good run.The Hares didn't appear to be concerned  and the comments appeared to go straight through to the keeper.

No doubt they were resting on the quality of the food ,which didn't disappoint.


The RA awarded the run 6.8 , which was a little surprising, not sure what run he was involved in.