2434 The Phantom’s Search for the Skull Cave

Run 2434: The Phantom’s Search for the Skull Cave

A smallish pack arrived at the Hollywood Bowling Club last Monday night and watched the hares (PHANTOM and SIR KNOB) arrive back from a southerly direction. The more observant hounds amongst us noted that the arrows we were standing on headed to the north, so with the heavy hint in the run directions about bringing a torch (ie we were going through Karrakatta Cemetery) we thought we had the run mapped before we left.

An excellent long loop at the start had us back near the bucket after 5 mins and into Karrakatta soon after. The bush sections in the cemetery had numerous opportunities for false trails that were taken up by the hares. After getting out into cemetery proper the regular road grid also provided good running conditions but opportunities for short cutting when caught on the wrong side of a check (as happened to your scribe and THE MOLE). After leaving the cemetery we had a brief stint out in the suburbs before heading back into the cemetery again, through more bush and up more false trails.

We arrived back at the corner of Smyth and Monash and then on to a short run home in ~50 mins. An excellent run, it’s not often you get away with a figure 8 run!

At the circle, numerous people got down downs for being returnees and SKID, SIR KNOB and RHINO got down downs for birthdays. EMU was given a T shirt by an anonymous donor and BARCODE and all his extended family celebrated the arrival of his new son, Toby.

The Ghost Who Walks then served up chicken curry and rice that went down very well.

A non a mouse


2433 CHUNDA at EVP



The night started badly with traffic chaos delaying the start 10 minutes and a reduced pack .Phantom was there in 12 minutes but lost map rights to Dick Tracy and then lost Dick

The running pack was taken on a tour  of  the wildflower reserves in Harrold Rossiter park and the pack held well together

Along stretch the wound thru Technology Park (wasted on these infidels) across to Curtin Hockey ,down to the golf course and home

Apparently things got a bit strung out late in the run and a few more FT’s might have saved the day ,but the run was good length and interesting with variations of bush and industry.

The Circle acknowledged the birthdays of recently unemployed HORSE and long term unemployed CONMAN –Thanks for the Cartons

ACTION read another  hilarious poem that half the club could relate to (sex over 60 )and the RA rounded off with a score of 8.5

Then came the food  –Delicious roast beef rolls with mustard and gravy. Plenty of seconds

Well done CHUNDA

Wouldn’t be dead for Quids


2431 Emu & Thommo experience the unfathomable joy of being in DOCKERLAND

Run:2431      Emu & Thommo
A big welcome on the night to the West Coast boys – always great to see them join us on a hash run.
An excellent venue chosen by Emu and Thommo. In fact anywhere in the Freo area can always be considered an excellent venue, so much so that the West Coast boys – Bazza in particular – did not mind the trip down at all as most are Dockers supporters anyway. I have it from a reliable source that this bunch would be more than happy to have all the future joint runs in Freo. True story.
The boys got together at the start of the run to be given a politically correct lesson on what to expect on the run eg.  chalk colour, ‘P’ on the front of the arrow, ratio of checks to false trails etc etc. What a lot of bullshit! Just send them out. If they get lost they get lost. FUKM. When did we start this pre run crap – sort of straight out of the Phantom manual
Friggin cold night so the hashmen started out fast in an easterly direction to get warm. Arrows were a bit scarce but finally after fu**ing 2km we completed the loop and started heading back west with the usual pricks, Seagull, Boner and Phranger, well to the fore.
Then the trail got serious and the pack turned towards Royal Fremantle Golf Club where Jaapie had arranged for drinks on his tab at the bar but unfortunately an FT stuffed up that little diversion and the pack continued towards Freo.
I can’t believe it. Haggis is still with us and we are somewhere near the Monument. These hares were not shabby with their strategy and the closer we ran towards the Port the more the pack became excited at being near the real reason for our existence – to experience the unfathomable joy of being in DOCKERLAND. Neon made comment to Moses that when Freo win the 2017 Premiership all the true believers get the opportunity of kneeling and touching the No. 29 Guernsey worn by The Pav in his last game….and that’s not pointless. 
On we ran, ever closer to Freo. The packed turned into Pavlich Ave, then turned right into Pavlich Cul de sac to then run through Pavlich lane and past Pavlich shopping center heading east to home. There were tears in the eyes of very hardy and tough men. This was a big experience of epic and mystical proportion.
After ~90 minutes of running we finally got back to the bucket for a well-earned beer.
Can’t remember much about the circle because that’s usually the time I catch up on the gos, but down downs were had, songs were sung and the hares were ready with that culinary delight of all foods – a hamburgher – and if you were last in line, no onions. Seconds!!! Nahhh. As the hare rightfully noted you guys are starting to put on some winter weight.
Great night, long run and a good variety of birthday and other beers to drink. Had to be a 7/10.
Aristo(Previously known as Polecat)