2430 RHINO does not disappoint

Minimalistic!     Rhino does it again


This write up will be the same.


It is said there are two certainties in life – one is death and the other, taxes. But wait,  there is another – the predictability of a Rhino run.


Yep, all the normal traits – long boring stretches, in a square.

Now as a student of commodities, Iam not aware of any current world shortage of any, except there must be in the case of chalk. To my knowledge we were only afforded 3 checks and 2 falsies.


Neon deliriously gave the run 6.5  ( he said the run was better than lst time) – before the tucker! Post the Deb instant mash potato, use-by date December 2005 and the camel snaggers, the decimal point shifted to the left.


Circle was traditionally good in rather chilly conditions.


On On Emu

2429 Virginal SCB with mentor DEEPLY BORING


The usual winter-run ardents arrived at Mt. Claremont Library car park on what had hitherto been a very wet and dark winter Monday, to happily find a small break in the downpour, if not the clouds, which still obscured any sun and, later that night, any moon. Moses immediately claimed the fortunate secession in downpour was due to divine intervention on account of his personal contacts with God, who was not present at the run to deny or punish this blasphemy. One of the co-hares, being Deeply Boring, complained bitterly, that having only just set the run earlier that afternoon, the heavens immediately opened and washed every trace of carefully laid chalk and flour away, as were Man's sins during the Great Flood, and that he suspected Allah or maybe Yaweh was purposely pissing on us due to the pig's head soup Deeply had prepared for after-circle nourishment, not being exactly halal or kosher. But with a brave and determined effort SCB and his co-hares, Deeply and Not-so, relayed the run before the 6:00 pm gathering. No sooner had this been done than it pissed down again!! Further indication of the contemptuous attitude of the Joker-in-the-Sky to pitiful hashmen. Not-So-Boring set off once again to lay the trail a third time, with the small amount of chalk left, while Phantom gave Boner a copy of the map and the latter sped off like a Knight in shining armour, to be a Live Hare and confound almighty forces determined to allay us from our purpose. As it turned out, there remained enough trail for a fairly decent run (which was subsequently awarded 8 out of 10 and Best Virgin Run by Boner, without any authority) and the Walkers ( see other notes), followed by the pack, made it to the Drink Stop for a cup of warm mulled wine specially prepared by the Dutchess. The rest of the run was relatively uneventful, although a few false trails and checks did manage to keep the pack reasonably together.
WALKERS overlooked the old Jungle saying “NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF THE PHANTOM” and quite early the dog lovers  ,COLONEL and CAPITAIN ,amongst others chatted amongst themselves losing contact with their Dear Leader . This lack of concentration meant that the WALKERS were reduced from 15 to 5 as the squibs retreated to the Bucket .
The circle convened with the usual pathetic jokes to start before Haggis decided to award a unique cap to Mole with the brim bearing the title "I don't do nice, not even at Christmas" which everybody, including Mole, thought was very obvious and not worthy of applause, for some reason, which no doubt has disappointed poor Haggis' efforts.
Very spicy dinner enjoyed by all especially those who went back for thirds!!

2428 Nanny and AWSOME 4SOME

Awsome Foursome Joint Run – August 8, 2016

It was a dark and stormy night as runners, walkers and the undecided gathered around heaters at McGilvray Oval for this joint run. Suddenly at 6:20 PM before anyone could ask “what time does the 6:30 PM run start” an obviously cold and inpatient hare set the pack off. Fortunately for the late arrivals and those still shedding their cold weather gear a generous loop and false trail reunited the pack.

It was very definitely a run requiring torches as the trail took us through parks and bush, uphill and down dale on bitumen, limestone, grass and sand. Missing marks, long false trails, darkness, threatening rain and general confusion kept the pack roughly together.

Contrary to all regulations (apparently) we climbed into Bold Park peering into the gloom to discover the flour. Even a punishing hill followed in due course by a descent over sand failed to separate the pack as frequent failures of navigation slowed us down. Nevertheless it gradually became apparent that various runners – I’m thinking of you Birdman – had left us for a shorter and quicker route back to the gas heaters.

Leaving the park a residual group of 14 was disappointed to be directed away from home back into the suburbs. Our disappointment was relieved by the unusual sight of a drink stop where our electrolytes were recharged with what could have been port and lemonade. Once again we circled the suburb to discover the even more astonishing sight of a second drink stop. On this occasion the whiskey was no single malt nor was even the Coke genuine but it was difficult to fault the hares for two warming drink stops on a cold August night.

The four remaining runners from Perth endured songs from Hamersley and West Coast and off we set again reinvigorated by the alcohol and the sugar. More suburban streets, a hole in the fence, a large patch of wasteland and another downhill run over sand followed before we caught sight of home.

All in all this was a well set and interesting run which would have earned a high mark if it had been actually scored.

Perhaps I was too busy consuming the cheese and salami to pay sufficient attention to the circle apart from my own down down for the outrageous offence of checking emails on my phone during the run. The bits I did pay attention to were entertaining and as a whole the event did not appear to irritate Perth hash in the same way as joint circles might have in the past.

Circle survived and over we hoed into a large meal of chicken, chips and coleslaw with a very welcome whiskey aperitif. Thanks to Crayfish for a great effort on the food and drink.

Sir Knob

2427 SKID MARKS his Territory

SKID MARKS his territory with Rusty


It was cold as a Nun’s Nasty as we arrived at Manning . Skid sent us on our way at 6 with a traditional loop until the Walkers could not resist the opportunity to go KILKENNY Way .A number of well used FT’s and nasty tricks  kept the pack together and behing the trusty Walkers until we all reached Aquinis playing fields . Here the Walkers ,via map ,took the short cut home and left the hardy runners to more FT’s and steep hills .Walkers were back at 7 with runners , now a little spread out , in around 7 :15  .Much thought and preparation gave a top run .

Back at the Bucket downs for Grandfather LASAGNA and re-award of bell to ANTMAN

It was CANS 70 th birthday and he emptied his vaste cellar of old reds ,some whites and a range of English beers –Hash is becoming sophisticated

We feasted on a range of pies but unfortunately for SDID the supplier let him down by packing them earlier resulting in Coldish pies as against the HOT PIES at MCG on Sat.

God run ,good booze , reasonable food and as always