2423 BUSHIE and CRAYFISH in Nollamarra

2423 BOOSHIE and CRAYFISH at Nollamarra

Another freezing evening trying to keep warm before the run start. Of we (the runners) went around the reserve, the start of a well set run. Long checks and cunning false trails The trail lead into a trap door in a fence, the younger runners got down on their knees and crawled through. The older and wiser runners ran along the fence. Getting to the end of the fence only to find the runners inside came up to a F.T. Not wanting to run back, Q started to scale the fence when he realised there was barbed wire stopping him. The wiser runners called a Hash Halt to let the trapped ones catch up. Should be more of them!!

Back at the circle, Down Downs were given to Stewie for Spewing. Birthdays and Tripple J for leading some of us the wrong way home. Food was Chilly Con Carne. Very nice with spuds. Great run, Great food. I didn’t expect anything less from the Duo. Hard act to follow, Well done.

Lasagna + Gnocchi