2426 SEAGULL and Q in Xmas Marathon

Perth Hash House Harriers Official Run Write-Up
Author:  SKID
Run # 2426
SEAGULL & “Q” in Kenwick…with a “Christmas in July” Theme

Yours truly was seriously looking forward to running in this one, set by SEAGUL..and son of SEAGUL, “Q”. My back was feeling good and strong so I felt I should give running a crack again this week after several weeks cooling my heels with the “reserves” (walkers). Sadly, it was not to be….got to the run late about 6:30pm, after being cruelly delayed at work, so missed out on it all together.  SEAGULL’s run setting skills are indeed legendary, so I was very disappointment at missing out on what was potentially going to be the run of the year.

6:00pm saw the pack of about 50 lunatics dressed in various Christmas themed attire, head off into the blackness of another bitterly  cold Kenwick night. From what I’m told, there wasn’t much “road-work” for the pack but lots of really slow sections through obstacle infested parkland, drains, swamps and other manky, environmentally  hazardous terrain. Stealthy Hashmen were seen breaching several Cyclone wire fences around various establishments and dangerous ground in an effort to short-cut the run and get back to the gas heater and beers at the bucket. Others not so stealthy, engaged the full run which took the pack through a local school campus, only to become trapped within the grounds after the gates locked. Some got trapped in a swamp and then had to back out through it again because of a cruelly placed FT. How did walker MUMBLES get caught in that lot with the runners (says he was talking so much he lost walking pack!!!)

Half way through my second pale ale, I thought there must have been a serious problem out there when BIRDMAN trotted back to the bucket, first in after about 40 minutes. One or two more of the usual tail-enders arrived not long after, confirming suspicions of a far greater problem evolving out on the track. Some school grounds these days are quite secure due to the potential for “rock-spiders” (great Hash name) to take advantage of the local kids and this school certainly was…secure that is. So much so that none of the pack that entered the school grounds could find a way out. Attempts to scale the fences were deemed too dangerous due to the potential for full body impalement on the pointed steel bars. This was even more cruel  because Home was almost in sight! Eventually they extricated themselves (but I never heard how it was done) and about 20 or so runners finally arrived back at the bucket just before 7:40pm. Maybe the local fire brigade or the RAC rescue helicopter was called in?

This definitely put a dampener on what was otherwise a really good and well set run. No one really complained and most seemed to have enjoyed the outing despite the setback. I for one found it bloody hilarious! SEAGUL and “Q” had some heartwarming tawny ports ready on the table for homecomers. But the run itself was well set with plenty of FTs to keep the mob focused together, despite the hiccup at the end. Could have been run of year except for length… Tough on PHANTOM and the pensioners.

On Sec ACTION got the circle under way soon after, introducing a couple of guests/returnees, CODS, MASTITIS, HARLOT and RAMROD . I didn’t hear what the run score was at the end because Father bloody CHRISTMAS arrived and interrupted the RA when it was about to be given. A few brave Hashmen unconcerned with the likely adverse outcome, lined up to sit on Santa’s lap.

The hares dished up probably the best Hash meal since RUSTY’s 60th bash up in Bushmead a couple of years ago, when he served up the baked sheep shanks.  Christmas in July was well celebrated with stacks of hot roast turkey, potatoes, gravy and 2 veg. We had entrees of spring rolls and dessert  Christmas puddings to complete a truly superb Christmas repast!! I’d give the SEAGULL dinner  11/10 and recommend it as a definite Gordon Blue contender. Bloody good effort boys!

Parking and lighting good too. Great night all round.

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2425 ST PETER and caste of Thousands in Freo

 2425 – St. Peter's Freo Frolick

One way to keep warm on a cold winter's Monday evening in Perth is to stay at home, turn up your reverse cycle air-con and pull on your Uggs. The other is to join Perth's premier running club – the Perth Hash House Harriers, on an 8km run around the streets of Fremantle. Well thanks to this week's hare St Peter and his co-hares, Mumbles and Polecat,that is what a pack of around 40 would-be-athletes did.
The run was well set with plenty of chalk where it should be. Meaning that the only reason people had to leave the trail was for shortcutting! The route wound its way passed the prison and down to the Esplanade where there was a welcome drink stop to partake of a warming, select vintage (2016?) port. Back on thetrail and a few more road crossings later, we returned to the bucket in just under 45 minutes, ready for a nice chilled cup of splash.
All in all a good run – however this was probably the most dangerous run I have experienced this year, simply because of the number of times we had to cross the busy roads of Fremantle! Once, we crossed a busy road to find a False Trail only to cross back over again. Another time we crossed the road to the other side for just 100m of trail and then back again!
I didn't count the Hashers out and so there was no point counting them back in again at the end of the run but it seemed like everyone managed to remember their road safety rules as the crowd gathered for a quick circle. Down downs were handed to a few returnees, Pembo for his birthday and SCB for his slick hairstyle. Finally we rounded off the night with some tasty tucker – burgers with onions, cheese and a hot chilli sauce.
Well done St Peter and Co.
So next Monday evening how are you going to keep warm? Why not come for a run with the Perth Hash House Harriers and enjoy Christmas in July Hashing style!

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Run 2424
Lasagna & Gnocchi
Sheldrake Reserve Balcatta
It was another cool start for the run but with no rain in sight.

The pack set off across the reserve with the walkers hanging back a little in anticipation a loop might bring the runners back.
 The report I received from the runners the trail was very well marked with chalk and flour across the darker parts of the run. Good running country with a minimum of hills to enable the runners to enjoy the scenery.
The run could have done with a few more False Trails  generally, the pack was kept fairly well together and was able to come in with the walkers the sign of a well set run.

 The pack arrived at the bucket to be greeted by a great selection of olives, salami, Italian bread with olive oil and to cap it all, a pizza van provided everyone with an excellent selection of freshly cooked pizzas. Top grub

Antman won the Bell for incorret dresing and Triple J got lost again

I must not forget to thank FT for the carton of Lazy Yak to celebrate his birthday
Thank you Lasagna and Gnocchi for a great run and excellent food to finish a good night.
9 OUT 10.
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St Peter

2423 BUSHIE and CRAYFISH in Nollamarra

2423 BOOSHIE and CRAYFISH at Nollamarra

Another freezing evening trying to keep warm before the run start. Of we (the runners) went around the reserve, the start of a well set run. Long checks and cunning false trails The trail lead into a trap door in a fence, the younger runners got down on their knees and crawled through. The older and wiser runners ran along the fence. Getting to the end of the fence only to find the runners inside came up to a F.T. Not wanting to run back, Q started to scale the fence when he realised there was barbed wire stopping him. The wiser runners called a Hash Halt to let the trapped ones catch up. Should be more of them!!

Back at the circle, Down Downs were given to Stewie for Spewing. Birthdays and Tripple J for leading some of us the wrong way home. Food was Chilly Con Carne. Very nice with spuds. Great run, Great food. I didn’t expect anything less from the Duo. Hard act to follow, Well done.

Lasagna + Gnocchi