2422 Elbows at Shelley Football Club

I arrived at the advertised venue well before the Hash Foot was placed at the other car park! Apparently we were 'bumped' from the usual carpark and adjoining clubrooms because the Dockers had arrived.

So a quick drive to the alternate venue and all was good.

Action welcomed our visitors, two friends of Goliath, Dave and Winston from Melbourne. Elbows son Toby also joined us.

The run went around the park with a clever on back past the park before heading south west close to Leach Highway. After some clever false trails, the pack arrived at a crossing at Leach Highway before being directed on the correct route by a map holder.

Crayfish was happy to recognise the start of Preston Drive, one of Perth Hash Awesome Cycling Team’s (PHact) many Friday cycle routes.

After more clever false trails and parks we ran along the river past our start. Sir Knob pointed out a walkway which we nearly ran past. Then Bushie jogged past the young guns who were strolling across Shelley Park to the bucket.

Antman was running with Chunda and Chunda claimed to know the territory. After running about 2km without sighting any chalk or Leach Highway it became obvious Chunda didn’t really know the way. Antman used the maps on his smart phone until the battery went flat. But then they saw Haggis’s house so all was well.

8.26 km on the Bush-metre.

Sherlock, Captain and Aristo (or Polecat) were given down-downs. Polecat has misplaced the bell.

Q, 3G & SCB were given down-downs.

As Elbows indicated there would be no food his 8 points was downgraded to 7. Ahh. just a false trail, the food was a tasty soup with French bread sticks. Just the thing for a cold night with no heater.

On On  to next week’s run in the northern suburbs.


2420 Return of LUNA

2420 Luna Returns for a Refund


 It was a fund raiser for Guide Dogs and Dave the Pom arranged for Luna  to make an appearance and beg for funds .Now it turns out that Luna failed to make the cut as a Guide Dog (Poor Teacher  ??) but she was apparently a party girl so she snapped up (like the phrase ) a job as Public Relations .Personally I was a little more taken by her Boss Jessica—those long legs and boots !!  Thanks for your donations all .


The run was in relatively unused territory set by FT  , and we would have been in the Shite if it rained   

The run had lots of False Trails and checks and allowed the Walkers to participate at various stages up to the drink stop . Who needs one on a cold night. At the drink stop Xmas dragged out his pretty daughter (looks from Mum obviously ) and Handsome grandson (same comment )


After this the run tended to fracture a little and the pack arrived in dribs and drabs from various directions . FT said 6 kms but Sir Knob ran 7.3 (then who believes a politician)

The timing was about 1 hr  10mins


At the bucket BONER was recognized for his Marathon effort and RUMPOLE  (goodbye for 6 weeks ) Castigated for his selfish act of staying in the warm pub last week and leaving his mates keyless and Splashless for 20 minutes


Good night but poor crowd .Are we becoming Wimps at first sight of cold and rain

Committee did Pizzas All good


Written on behalf of the SHAKIN Party

Spoken by Luna