2415 SCUMMY astounds the Critics

2415 SCUMMY suprises all

   I, Barefoot am invited to make words on this run, but as I had a wee injury I saw it from the view of a walker, and a slack one at that! The run was from Yokine Reserve in good suburban country, without hills — at least I didn't notice any; but some may have been noticed by runners. The weather was perfect: no rain, no wind, no sun and only moderately cold.
Hare Scumbag was commendably supported by Xmas when Antman had to "pull out" as co-hare. I reckoned the timing of the run-walk was perfect when I came in at 60 minutes.Only a minute before that our cluster was overtaken by French Tickler who sprinted past, hotly pursued by Boner 50 m behind, determined to get his crisps! The fact that most runners and walkers reached home more or less together was proof of a run well set.
However, whenthe run was discussed before all, it seems there was confusion between 'P arrows' and ordinary arrows with suspicion of other H3 packs marking some. I bumped into two major reverses of walking packs, generally unheard of, and discovered the Intrepid Navigator had been misled down lanes which were actual  false trails! Anyway, these reverses allowed us stragglers to mingle with the mob again (which is what Hash is about!). I recall 'talking while walking' with Sir Thom, Mumbles, Cans and more, which runners do less of.
Sir KNob and Crayfish were the last runners in by 10 minutes, and they came surprisingly from the opposite direction to other runners. Information divulged from   Sir Knob was that they were lost, but not for long! Crayfish convinced Sir K that he remembered the way since he was a kid in the area. It seems that the area had changed since Crayfish was a little "Kacka", but eventually they made it!
Neon reckoned it was a good run of 8 km, scored it at 8.5; and the hamburger with salad in roll was up to that standard.