2418 MOSES and JAAPIE in Jewish Territory

2418 MOSES does Dianella

You’d expect miracles from Moses, but they must be still coming.  A cold start, the precursor of a 4 degree morning. Moses must have worked this out because there was no let-up for entire run – did he set it on his 27 speed bike?

Perhaps a few more members than usual knew this as there seemed a record number of walkers.

Anyway off we went in the dark and quite soon after we were confronted by the steepest hill in the metro area other than up in Stewieville.

Right at the top was none other than Bushie’s palace with Mary Poppins out the front serving a few beers to the front runners.

However, it didn’t slow them down enough to prevent the formation of 3 packs and as Nanny correctly identified, it meant 3 guys had an ego trip thinking they were at the front – could also be interpreted as sharing!

Quite a few long stretches after that, as is often the case in older suburbs.


Good run time of 55 minutes, well marked and good lighting.


Barcode have us an abridged account of interhash in Bali.


Hot spud and corned beef appreciated. Good effort Moses and Jaapie. Not sure about Neon’s 8.5?


On On Emu

2414 SIR TOMARSE at Perry Lakes

Apolgies for late submission…..

Arrived with aching tooth after being attended by the ivory rustler (Dentist) so did not join the run.  The run started on time at 6pm. Pack of walkers set of in what I assume was the right direction towards Bold Park.  Here the runners misplaced the trail and then short cut the trail.

 The runners arrived back between 6:35 to 6:40. Many comments were made about how good the run was although misplacing the trail.

The walkers arrived back a little while after with two members sustaining injuries. Apparently high gutters, bad eye sight, too much waffling and not enough attention caused them to go over.

This, if we had the correct award (the golden zimmer frame) would attract two nominees – PHANTOM and CAPTAIN – with no doubt more to come in the coming years.

 The circle was run, down downs given, bull shit abounded and on on to a very Sri Lankian chicken curry and rice – excellent fare.

A good run, excellent food.  

Well done SIR TOM ARSE and CHRISTMAS and of course MRS ERNIE DINGO for delicious food.

Mr Scumbag.

2417 RIMMER and TRIPLE J @ Ellersdale Park

This write-up unfortunately covers only the first half of the run as the trail after Hawker Park is a mystery, not only to this scribe, but also to al those I asked about the other half. The trail as far as it was located was marked well with lots of good clear P signs, even if there were not too many checks or false trails.  As a result the not too large pack dwindled to smaller batches of runners wondering what they had done wrong.

If any of the small pack that presented found the entire trail, I know not who they were.

As the RA and the other wa*kers with their six maps could not agree where they were and and where they were trying to go, we now have a record set at a run where the entire pack of non-runners got hopelessly lost and came in after most of the runners.

The RA woosed out on scoring the run and asked our least sennior (in age) member what his long summary of the run was.  The informed answer "Crap".  Moses view on that is that the first half was pretty OK and giving the benefit of the doubt that the other half would have been better a 7, is about the right score.

The weather was rather pleasant, the food was sensational and the venue was suitable for the occasion.

Rimmer – those sausages served with briliant mash and peas were as good as any 5 star restaurant anywhere.  Good job!








2416 BAREFOOT and XMAS and others try to be Unique

Barefoot,s Run 2416 An effort to ccver Virgin Territory


The run started from a great location in exelent conditions for a run.

The route was a good one taking us through Betty,s Jetty and over the new bridge (a first for most of us) Interestly Ramrods dog normally has a crap five minutes into a run, but for some reason this time the dog crapped near the bucket before the run started otherwise it would have left a huge pile right in the middle of the jetty causing all sorts of problems for Collin Barnets re-election chances.

After leaving the jetty we headed up into the City, by this time the pack was a bit spread out due to the lack of arrows and false trails, having said that perhaps we missed a few markers due to the many distractions on the way which was mostly fit young women in Lycra Action Wear jogging home from their work in the city.

During the run through the city a wee man in a yellow high viz vest ( Who looked a bit like Deeply Boring) kept jumping out shouting directions at us, most ignored him and those who didn't ended up lost or late home.

The run itself was a bit dijointed as the arrows were hard to find after the Bus station and pack spread far and wide

We eventually ended-up back at the bucket bang on the hour to a meal that Hashers love best, and that's one that you can eat with one hand leaving the other free to hold a beer.

All in all a very enjoyable run,

Well done Barefoot.    by RIMMER

2415 SCUMMY astounds the Critics

2415 SCUMMY suprises all

   I, Barefoot am invited to make words on this run, but as I had a wee injury I saw it from the view of a walker, and a slack one at that! The run was from Yokine Reserve in good suburban country, without hills — at least I didn't notice any; but some may have been noticed by runners. The weather was perfect: no rain, no wind, no sun and only moderately cold.
Hare Scumbag was commendably supported by Xmas when Antman had to "pull out" as co-hare. I reckoned the timing of the run-walk was perfect when I came in at 60 minutes.Only a minute before that our cluster was overtaken by French Tickler who sprinted past, hotly pursued by Boner 50 m behind, determined to get his crisps! The fact that most runners and walkers reached home more or less together was proof of a run well set.
However, whenthe run was discussed before all, it seems there was confusion between 'P arrows' and ordinary arrows with suspicion of other H3 packs marking some. I bumped into two major reverses of walking packs, generally unheard of, and discovered the Intrepid Navigator had been misled down lanes which were actual  false trails! Anyway, these reverses allowed us stragglers to mingle with the mob again (which is what Hash is about!). I recall 'talking while walking' with Sir Thom, Mumbles, Cans and more, which runners do less of.
Sir KNob and Crayfish were the last runners in by 10 minutes, and they came surprisingly from the opposite direction to other runners. Information divulged from   Sir Knob was that they were lost, but not for long! Crayfish convinced Sir K that he remembered the way since he was a kid in the area. It seems that the area had changed since Crayfish was a little "Kacka", but eventually they made it!
Neon reckoned it was a good run of 8 km, scored it at 8.5; and the hamburger with salad in roll was up to that standard.