2412 Ace and Rhino ruin Ardross

Run 2412  ACE & RHINO   (FLYBY & PLOD)  Got a ring to it hasn’t it. Could be another name change!
Well, starting with the venue.  It was in the exact location of the directions and not turned into a housing development or something else,  You can all guess what I mean?
It was well lit.  a good covered area and ample parking.  I even had two parking bays to myself!  It cost me a down down though. 
The food was very good,  although it is the only time I ever eat pizza.  I was surprised to find a couple of other blokes said the same.
On the walking side of it, I thought the location was great.  Seeing some of the new designs of the large  houses being  built there with a lot of the old houses in amongst them.  One such house displaying a magnificent garden on the front verge.  The other mob wouldn’t see any of that.
About the other mob, one of our friends said it was a bit short, only 40 minutes.  I commented “Were you only trying to get home before the chips ran out?”
No it wasn’t Rumpold or FT.  But I believe it was a very good run.  Well done to the Hares, (What ever their names)
As an afterthought never bring up GRANDAD for a Down Down . He is impossible to shut up
On On  Xmas  

2413 ANZAC with special food by XMAS

Run 2413  Joint ANZAC DAY run, 26Th April @ Britannia Reserve Mt Hawthorn.


 A  reasonable over all turn out, except Perth boys did not front in suffient numbers, pity. We had about 35 guys form Hamersly H4 , 12 odd from West Coast H3 , about 20 from Perth H3.  A cool nite but no rain.

Prior to run start Assasain HH4 GM lead us into RESPECT ONE minute silence, A very proffesional “Buggaler” did LAST POST  and revalie. The ODE of Anzac’s was read out , all done very well.

It  was ON ON with the usual loop  and around to the walk over bridge to lae Monger. Around the lake on pathways towards Leederville, where the Walkers split two ways, to the foorpath close to the freeway. Or Oxford St. Back to the bucket. Scumbag rocks in quite late, but he’s running well for an old piss pot. Noteable for there absense was an underground hashers with his French cohort ( maybe hes building the new Subs), must say we did not miss them.

A good circle. Not too long, had many buggers put on the ice, and down down’s to out Outstanding GM Skid, and out excellent ON SEC Action,, all class these boys.but there again thats what you expect in PERTHH3.

Our most Noteable Vietnam Vet the one and only XMAS , given task of arranging the food, went to alot of reserch, providing us with Anzac biscuits ( hard tack) small tubs of fruit, with a tin of Bully Beef. I could not eat it all, very filling.  The diggers of 1917  the BRITISH TOMMYS were given Bully beef with front line troops getting only 6 ounces each. Parcels of food was sent by the families to their men in the front.

The Anzac Bicuits were hard and nutrious as they had to last long travel distances.

Anyway big hand to Xmas who puts in lots of zeal to any job given to him. Thanks mate.

Just hope its fine next Monday nite or I will be in the shit!!

See ya at the Lunch in Fro!  Go the dockers!!