2410 CRAYFISH  with BUSHY in Subi


A large crowd gathered at old favourite Rosalie Pk to sample Crayfish’s effort

He appeared to have purloined (that means stolen to most illiterate hashmen ) a Ferrari shopping trolley for all his food requirements. .


The run wound thru many lanes in  Shenton Pk and  Subi before skirting Lake Jubalup and home thru Rosalie Primary School .It was clearly marked but it would appear that even the most experienced Hare can get caught out as due to some  FTs  being a bit short the pack quickly split into the Haves and Have Nots i.e. those with youth and Pace v those without .


The Walkers successfully ,under the expert navigation of Birthday Boy Phantom , with lots of help from Budgie , arrived back just before the front runners. This got right up the nose of FT !!


Birdman took Antman and others for a scenic tour of Kings Pk (he reckoned the run would be there –(Why else would torches be need ), but at least he carried in one of the signs


Back at the bucket we were in for a long circle seeing Mr Plod cut us short last Tuesday ,but thankfully things were reasonably short . BIRDMAN featured again with his literary talent to newspapers re the cyclist menace and about 4 guys got up for Birthdays .Finally Antman and the Italian Stallions combined with the Hon Sec for an Itie based Joke


Food was tasty  burgers and salad and RA gave the run a 9.5 which was reasonable except for FTs not working well


ON ON Raindrops