2409 PEMBO ‘s Laksa Run

Run 2409         Tuesday 29 March 2016                     Pembo’s Famous Laksa Run


An anxious crowd were eager to get underway – the quicker the run, the quicker we could get stuck into the Laksa. But not to be, due to a prang on the freeway, it was decided to delay the start by 15 minutes. Of concern , Bushie was stirring up the crowd telling us it was an 11 clicks run. Elbows agreed to mind the wagon but this proved to be a wrong decision, I understand he got stuck into the piss and was duly chastised by the local plod for street drinking.


The run interestingly started from behind the Good Samaritan old clothes drop-off – perhaps Pembo was sending us a subliminal message to get rid of some of our ancient T shirts – but soon we were in familiar territory and recognised last years painted arrows and same landmarks. About 5 minutes into the run, the peace was shattered by our ever vigilant run master advising that the runners had seriously missed the trail and were running in the opposite direction. Sanity soon prevailed and thanks to the ever reliable Scummy the run was soon back on track.


It became fairly easy to follow the trail and you have to admire Pembo for his initiative and foresight – mark the trail in paint and use the same course for each run thereby seriously reducing the amount of effort and stress that comes from setting a run. We eventually had a drink stop at Pembo’s house and we must apologise to his wife and lovely daughters – 50 smelly hash men tramping through his house. I hope they had plenty of air freshener.


I have to confess that I shortcut the last part of the run but still did 6.4 kms. I am not sure what the Seagull meter recorded but I don’t think it was 11 km.


The circle was great, just the right length – appreciated by all and Birdman would have given it his seal of approval. What a committee!!


The best part of the night was about to start, fantastic Laksa and even gourmets such as Kilkenny and Barefoot gave it their seal of approval it. The wine flowed and I was fortunate enough to be not driving so I drank Bushie’s share. The club is indebted to Pembo for his generosity in again having his Famous Laksa Run and we look forward to his run in 2017 – same date and location.


As we quietly dispersed into the night, the peace was gently disturbed by the sound of bottles clinking together. On investigation it was Rumpole and Budgie doing their ritual counting of the undrunk cans – such devotion to their responsibilities.


Well done Pembo



2408 RINGBURNER on the River in Bicton

2408 George’s Red hot go at Bicton


Ringburner and Barefoot arranged a balmy warm night in a picturesque spot amongst the wealthy burghers of Bicton .Run started with a useful loop around river edge so the walkers could be in front early, as were short cutters BIRDMAN and late starters MASTITIS and RELUCTANT. The run weaved thru the leafy streets of Bicton using some good loops ,parks and FT’s  ,until we reached Canning Hwy where an obvious FT was generally ignored . We then progressed toward home via Bicton Reform School ,Foss St , crossing Brauton Rd , ( as mentioned in the run directions )  ,where the run courageously (I use that term with care ) swept North away from home luring only the fit young men of the pack and TRIPLE 10 minutes behind the pack .As Luck would have it he arrived just in time to relieve PHANTOM of a chip packet and all was forgiven .

SKID ran the circle in the absence of ACTION and appeared a little rusty although his long joke and drawl  , about the lonely cowboy redeemed him and he tried hard for a short circle.

NEON called up Dick Tracy who provided a requiem for occasional PH3 Hasher BARBARA who passed suddenly and then Neon waffled a bit before declaring an 8 score

Food of roast beef and salads was petty tasty

ON ON  Ghost writer for PEMBO

2407 SIR KNOB revisits old haunts

It was a hot and sultry evening which kept the fainthearted (or weak-kneed) away.  But the moderate size pack was in for a treat of a run around Mosman Park and were over-catered for in the food department which was also quite good.  Hairy Sir Knob and his not so hairy co-hair, Phantom, did a splendid job setting the run with lots of detours, track backs and stunning views to sooth the soul including a lovely sunset view over the Indian Ocean from Monument Hill which led to this scribe falling behind the pack as he posted images to his Face Book relatives suffering in the frigid northern hemisphere.


The run started with a bit of a loop around Mann Oval which allowed late arrivals like your scribe to catch up with the pack.  We then headed in a westerly and then southerly direction before heading north again taking in Monument Hill on the way back. I believe there was a drink stop somewhere along the route but I was jogging too quickly to notice it and must have shot straight past it.


The run was about 40 minutes long and the thirsty pack made it back to the beer just in time to prevent severe dehydration.  During rehydration procedures Neon and Action managed to keep the unruly pack in order.  It was announced the Gnocchi became a dad again, the only one in the pack now thinking about the future regeneration of the Hash and actually doing something about it.  Well done Gnocchi! 


The run was awarded 6.5 because someone swore blind that we had run the hares’ last run backwards. Certainly there were moments of déjà vu during the run for this scribe, but I believe this was because part of the run covered the same ground as an earlier one set by Barefoot.


As I said, the food (chicken and rice) was good with plenty to eat given the moderate pack size – my chooks are still eating rice three days after the run.


One complaint… from a hashman who will remain nameless… Phantom is buying chips from the Reject shop again.  But they tasted OK to me, so what’s the problem?


OnOn  Ringburner with help from Nanny

2406 Palace Run Tues @ Jackadder Lake Reserve


Run write up for the Palace Run at Jackadder Lake

Being the first to turn up, I was feeling like I was going to be the only one from Perth hash to go to the run. But along came Skid and then Sea Gull, Junior Sea Gull (aka Q) Elbows and then the Bucket Driven by Budgie. Always the way, Budgie comes good.

The run got away to a good start along the water and around the corner to a False Trail the run was very well set with lots of false trails and checks, using the streets of Woodland to good effect. The Pack was kept together at all times and we were never more then 2 k from home.

On returning back to the bucket Lasagna, Gnochie, Bushie, and Sir Knob. Not to forget Bare foot ( Angel and his BETTER Half, Ripper).

The Harriet's did a good job of the Circle and kept it short and sharp. All the clubs sang their song. And after Sir Knob stated Perth Hash members need some practice.

Harriet's put on good food,  Hamburgers.

Well done to the Harriet's for the Run, The Circle and the Food ( Great Job).


On on


2405 Nanny, Angel & Ripper

Assembling at the wonderfully named Penistone Park our eager hash men were in receipt of two announcements: one from Nanny claiming that the walkers would be on an entirely different route from the runners and the second from Neon pre-emptively scoring the run at two. At least that’s what I thought Neon’s two fingers meant.

The walkers were indeed given a map different to the actual run as Nanny is under the misconception, according to Phantom, that the walkers bugger up the run. Phantom claims that on the contrary their map has saved the run on a number of occasions.

The walkers did enjoy a stroll through parks and bushland meeting up with Hamersley several times in the process

The highlight, I am advised, was the two Ten Pound Poms, Antman and Botak , losing contact with the walkers (they were “gasbagging” too much ) and arriving back 15 minutes late.

The runners looped around Penistone Park and following a well set trail eventually headed 2.5 km west to Annato Park before beginning a long northward trek turning just short of Hepburn Avenue.

Although we were occasionally disturbed by the appearance of Hammersley arrows co hare Ripper’s long false trails (apparently) kept the pack together.

We returned, all of us together, to Penistone Park via Smallman Avenue and Cockburn Park. Who was actually in charge of naming Greenwood?

The phone app recorded a total distance of 6.3 km but that doesn’t include any of the false trails!

As is becoming the new regime’s custom a relatively short circle followed. Birdman was absent but apart from the continuing presence of chips appears to be running the show on remote.

Down downs were awarded to Rimmer and his guest Cameron, FT, Raindrops, Elbows and assorted members whose names I forget. An esky full of Heineken beers appeared on the back of Neon’s vehicle.

An erudite and highly academic analysis of the many and varied usages of a very valuable word was then delivered.

Relenting from his initial harsh judgement Neon scored this excellent run at 8.2

Members then adjourned for a highly nutritious and macrobiotic meal of organic spaghetti bolognese.

On on

Sir Knob