2399 JerryCan with Bushy

Run 2399
Hare: Jerrycan
CoHare: Bushranger
(The secret Splash Dumper)

Ask anyone in Real Estate its all about the location. In fact, I asked this of Haggis as we were staggering up some small rises on the run and he informed me, "It doesn't matter, how big the house is (or the house next door) its all about, location, location, location". So there we were in the car park before the run, watching Colonel and Deeply's dogs pissing on Jerrycans bag, looking at the house next to the parking area trying to figure out if it was a house or a small hotel. It was generally agreed that in this location it was in fact a doss house for some poor unfortunate Chinese nationals just trying to get a bit of money out of China before their economy went completely to shit (but thats another story – does anyone know if Emu has left the country recently on the quiet).

There we were at the start of the run getting instructed on how to run this challenging course, complete with chalk and flour (the fact that flour was only seen at the start line was a revelation none of us had expected). In due course we were told to head off up the hill. Did I mention how nice the location for the On On was?

The run up the hill was well set and had more than a few of us puffing significantly within the first 50m. Check at the top brought us back together, then a false trail. Well, well, Jerrycan may have got it together for this run?

The pack was soon spread out over a few hundred meters within 5 minutes of the start. Alas, this was the last moment when I thought it might be an OK run.T hen the pack really started to fragment as the faster runners went off in search of a trail. Any trail would have done. At one point about 10 minutes into the run we came across the walkers who indicated that the written instructions that came with the map, had in fact nothing to do with the trail. By this stage there was at least 5 running packs of not many members each out searching for trail. Runners going left, runners going right, runners going bonkers. What a shambles. Did I mention what a great location it was.

There were lanes everywhere, there was great hill /look out we have run up to on several recent iterations of running in Mosman Park, there were loops to be used and some nice public open space with pathways for hashing use. The golf course was hardly used, there was one quite nice false trail down a particularly ugly piece of road, that I suggested to French Tickler he should check out, there was a two minute explanation in French complete with gestures as to what he thought of my suggestion. Haggis thought it prudent not to check it out either, I think he speaks French too. Aghhh, but the scenery from the top of the park overlooking Mosman Bay. Indeed what a location.

At last back at the trailer there was some very pleasant biscuits and cheese provided by the Hares, (thanks, a nice touch, but not enough to give them a decent score though) and the company of Hashmen is always pleasant so long as the dogs don't piss on you. In due course the circle transpired, Seagull entertained the masses for a mercifully short time. Nanny was even less entertaining, but would have been congratulated by next years On Sec, Birdman for the brevity of his rant. Food was well presented, Phantom was second in the food que saving a place for Mark1 I believe, and the company acceptable, and the post run intercourse was as always entertaining. The run score was 5.97. due to confusion and weird /lack of marking

Food was a delicious beef stew  At least that got a good score

But what a great location.

On On


2398 BARCODE with Sweeny

RUN 2398 Barcode and Sweeney, Jorgensen Park, Kalamunda


The start was delayed from the usual for 10 minutes to allow the intrepids from Freo to make it on time. Bardode advised runners that they had to learn to Love hills, love snakes and love trees to the groans of the assembled.

Runners: (Bushies Bit)

We set off at a brisk pace (well brisk for Bushie) down the scrub where a golf course had existed in the past. There was much confusion when the trail ran out and Seagull quietly admitted that he had found the home trail already. After about 5 minutes the real trail was again located and the pack galloped off back past the cars and beer bus (I was very tempted to grab a beer back I knew the Kalamunda Hotel  was close by. The young guns set a blistering pace almost equal to the Adventurethon in Albany that I attended on Saturday (as support crew for Park Ranger). I held back waiting for Crayfish and Barefoot as a sign of respect to their years of hashing and their seniority (they are old farts in other words).

I was running up the hill with Mr Wong in the real trail as we spotted Scummy doing a spot of Shirt-cutting. He must have spotted FT who as we know is a serial short-cutter. Are scaring a few locals we sprinted down the hill in suburbia – well maybe it was a gentle jog. Then after some clever running through some more bush we popped out on the eastern side of Kalamunda.

Crayfish called the trail on right but Bushie and Barefoot had noticed the scent of beer in the air and turned left towards the Kalamunda Hotel. We spotted Birdman who appeared to be pretending he was a finely turn athelete looking for trail near the Northern Terminus of the Bibbulmun Track.

No amount of yelling could convince Birdman to turn back for a cleansing pint of ale. So it was left to Barefoot and Bushie uphold a long tradition of stopping for a drink stop at a pub on a hash run. We both enjoyed a pint of Kilkenny whist blending in with the locals although Barefoot pointed out that wearing one red and one green sock, multi coloured shorts, athletic  hash running shirt and Adventurethon head sock caused the Bushie Blending to be ineffective. Never mind the beer was great. Then we meandered down the Bib Track back to the on on with Barefoot recalling numerous anecdotes of his trip to Samoa with his young family to take up a posting.

(End of Bushies Bit).

Second half of run (Action)

After losing Bushie and Barefoot at the pub we continued on past the hospital, where 3G learnt that you shouldn’t grab hold of recently burnt trees as you get very black very quickly. There were some good false trails in the bush past the hospital that reversed the pack and after a long steep descent down a fire break Polecat and Action led the pack into the drink stop at the end of Spring Road.

The remnants of the pack (minus serial short cutters (Birdman, FT and The Mole) then progressed along the aptly named Rocky Pool Walk, up over some granite outcrops on the Schipp Walking Trail on to the Bibbulmun Track back to the old golf course and the “On Home” that Seagull had found more than an hour before. Seagull did the fatherly thing and waited for his son at the so they could run in together

 Walkers:Scene on the run was a sign noting IQ of 15, which seemed a bit on the high side for the assembled walkers. Along parts of the Bibullmun track, there were lots of groans as altitude was progressively lost, but some great views and lovely county.

Down Down: After guest Thane (Seagull’s boy), returnees Rumpole, Skid (one other ?) were duly honoured, Angels lad Jack caused much consternation and the appearance of the despot Seagull as the moniker ‘Cerub’ was decided on, to howls of abuse from the usual suspects. Skid produced some compromising material on Seagull and suddenly the name was overturned to ‘Ripper’. The Eric “Sir Knob’ variety reckons he’s never seen so much enthusiasm for a ‘Ripper’ in years and he was impressed with the number of votes received which was more than he ever received in parliament. .

Scummy was rewarded for 128 years of hashing, Sir Tom for a lot more. Deke (the youngest 72 I know and claims ‘I was born on Australia Day, destined to be an Australian’ ) and Stewie were birthday boys.

MUMBLES cotinued his run of bad luck by crashing over the low retaining wall and worrying all his mate (2 anyway ) that he had further damaged his knee. It can be reported that he is OK but still speaks funny

The new Hash Flash made a maiden appearence (NOT SO BOORING's dog with Go Pro attached) eat your heart out SHERLOCK

Food was an excellent beef roll with gravy and coleslaw.   Run Score 8.5



2397 RUSTY and his run of year (2016)

RUSTY and XYZ at SKIPPYs ghost house


Skippy was away so the mice could play .Rusty and XYZ put on a great run .It weaved across deserted and dry paddocks ,in some fairly dusty terrain with the promise of Kangaroo ticks .

It was cunningly set so that the Wanker walkers could easily maintain contact ,until we all converged on the drinkstop. After that it was close to home and all back within 50 mins.


It was now that the Rust Bucket brought his catering skills to the fore as cheese and bickies followed by tasty chicken drummettes appeared


The Circle was going well time wise (thanks to JAAPIE  )until NANNY took over.I expect he will be on ice every week until the AGM after he put our GM on ice  -Courage!!

Hamersley then got carried away as usual with Bullshit charges and kept putting on bloke on ice –it was a warm night


Rusty’s food skills continued with copious quantities of beef curry ,polenta and Veges  .A job well done deserving 9 for run and 9 for food


Well done Rusty and XYZ