Run 2386 Fags & Captain’s “Back to the Future” in Como


The location for this extravaganza was Grayden Reseve, the scene of Kilkenny’s demonstration of parking skills and many other runs which typically take the pack in a loop around Collier Park Golf Course. Not for these two cunning time travellers!


There was no sign of the DeLorean powered by Mr Fusion Home Energy but Fags was there playing the part of “Doc” Emmett Brown while his assistant Captain fitted nicely into the part of Marty McFly. These two hashmen got together as partners in crime in setting runs somewhere in the late 70’s or early 80’s and they are still doing it in 2015 hence the references to time travel. Unfortunately time has not treated them as kindly as Doc and Marty when they ventured into 2015 complete with its flat screen TV’s, video phones and hovering skateboards. These two veterans still make up a formidable team and their runs display cunning tricks that keep the pack guessing.


The runners who dared to take on this pair set off on time, some of them resplendent in their new customised sleeveless ensembles. The trail started in its customary direction alongside the golf course but when everyone expected it to continue around the golf course towards Bentley, these two had the pack lost in the maze of Karawarra. Then it snaked westwards towards Canning Highway before heading north again around Penrhos College and home.


Phantom meanwhile had herded his walking pack well and they arrived home bang on 50 minutes after starting out only to be beaten home by those compulsive short cutters, Mole and FT. The Circle got underway with Seagull handing out the usual down downs for birthdays etc. Thanks to Chunda and Sir Knob for their beers.

Haggis is back! Phantom read out how Chunda got his name somewhere in Asia and Chunda obliged with a practical demonstration. Mumbles alias Ritchie McCaw was also called up for something to do with rugby and the rest of the night is lost in the mists of time.


Food was Fags’ cordon bleu speciality of baked beans with Italian sausage and bacon. He has obviously not heard about the carcinogenic properties of processed meats during his absence in a worm hole. But it was good comfort food and there was not a lot left so well done!



On On, Jaapie 

2385 Neon at Kent st

Run 2385

Hares  Neon and Moses

Around 45 hashmen assembled at the Kent St Weir, a venue not used for a while and certainly changed from the 1970s. Neon set the pack of about 20 runners off advising that a towel may have been handy. This was the start of the biggest loop I recall arriving back in sight of the weir after some 25 mins. Fortunately the use of very long false trails kept the runners in touch and it was interesting to run along the old Clontarf miniature railway track where it winds through some quite swampy areas. The run then crossed the weir to the annoyance of those trying to fish and losing a few runners at the same time .There was a big falsie to the right on the walk path which fortunately the slower of us did not take and shortly after we arrived at Neon’s watermelon stop. Off the trail went heading right when local knowledge said go left but the dozen or so runners still remaining  all followed . Again good use of false trails slowed the front runners and kept the rear in touch even if only just. Sadly that only lasted to the footbridge across the Canning at which stage the front runners disappeared at a rapid pace towards Bunnings on Albany highway and the attempt to keep what was left of the pack together did not work and Lasagne and I plodded on home.

The circle began with visitor L.E.D up for a drink. Bushie claimed he was so named because he was brighter than Neon. Hard to imagine. Returnees included Ernie Dingo ,Polecat, Sir Knob and I think one other. Anniversaries were Dick Tracey and Deke but no birthdays Bushie was called up for having left his hat at the Hash lunch . Boner was called out for got himself bogged up to rooftop according to Barcode who valiantly towed him out but only to have Boner crash into his vehicle causing $3000 damage. This was Barcodes version, Boner was not given the opportunity to state his.

Mention was made of The 4wd and golf day at Dick Tracey’s to be followed by the Spring run ,see notices. Seagull then told the week’s joke to conclude his part but it had to read it again as no one got it, bit of a  joke for females who would have got it straight away. .Christmas then read out his cardiologist joke which was understood.

Nanny took over, praising the run as one which could have been run of the year. It certainly was well set to the where we recrossed the Canning with long falsies keeping the pack in touch .After that the difference in the pace of the various members of the pack became only too evident.

Food was meat rissoles buttered bread tomato and a choice of sauces including powerful Chilli. There was plenty for seconds.

Overall well done Neon and Moses





2384 ANTMAN with a little help from his Friends

Ant man run
Brookmount Ramble Hilary's

Good setting for a run Set by a experienced Hash Man  and ( professor of Ants )
Started with a classic FT and back up the hill to the bucket turn left into the National Park with good use of the walking trails ( even a fence to climb over or under) . Into Pinneroo Valley Memorial Park . Then back out again and more walking trails .
Up the Heart Attack hill around the reservoir and conservation centre
Then emerging onto Hepburn Ave and across good use of streets and False Trails across lilburne and Glengarry and into St Stephen school and lost for 20 mins, out of the school and across Hepbun ave and home .
There was talk about crossing the freeway . But no one did .
A great run in good settings
Food was a South African Rice Dish with just the right amount of chilli .

Leaving the Burnt rice in the bottom of the pots was a nice touch

Good run good food
On on

Run 2385 Neon – Bushies effort


Bushranger uses MotionX-GPS on the iPhone and is sharing with you the following track:

Name: PH3 20151013
Date: 12 Oct 2015 6:01 pm
(valid until Apr 9, 2016)
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Distance: 7.95 kilometers
Elapsed Time: 1:02:33
Avg Speed: 7.6 km/h
Max Speed: 16.6 km/h
Avg Pace: 7' 52" per km
Min Altitude: 0 m
Max Altitude: 15 m
Start Time: 2015-10-12T10:01:18Z
Start Location:  
  Latitude: 32º 01' 15" S
  Longitude: 115º 55' 19" E
End Location:  
  Latitude: 32º 01' 16" S
  Longitude: 115º 55' 21" E