Run 2610 – Elbows Chicken Run

Chicken Run is a 2000 stop motion animated comedy film produced by the British studio Aardman Animations in partnership with American studio DreamWorks Animation. The studio’s first feature-length film, it was directed by Peter Lord and Nick Park from a screenplay by Karey Kirkpatrick and story by Lord and Park.

What Happened On Monday?

We headed to Willetton for Elbows run.
We gave away a shitload of money, we had chicken again, thank goodness they have stopped giving chickens hormones I don’t know what we would look like with all the chicken we are eating.
We gave Rhino his name back, everyone got a T-shirt and a singlet to celebrate our birthday, we had to leave by 8-30 before the gate was locked so we all went home early some with a few bucks in their pocket.
Next stop AGPU thank fuck
On On
Triple J

Polly’s Raffle

Well what a night!

How ironic was it, that very early in the run, we went straight past Mal Atwell’s shop, where I have been buying all of the tickets from.

The night was full of expectation with the promise that all 4 kitties would be won.

Tickets sold like proverbial hot cakes and in fact, 390 were sold on the night. An all time record.

Dicky had to help get all the butts in the bucket as I was getting RSI. As it turned out I needed a bigger bucket.

First up Top Gun/Rhino pulled out Apricot H06, but there was no owner.

Then Apricot H74 owned by Grizzly who wasn’t able to pull the cover off a wet and dry thermometer let alone the Joker. He drew 2H.

That left just six cards. Grizzly drew Red H73 and then up came Q and whilst singing his theme song, “If I was Rich Man”, and then he was one, having managed to do something that nobody else could, he pulled The Joker and won Kitty2 valued at $938.25.

Back in went The Joker, back in went Q’s golden hand and out came Pink G78 and it was Another Prick in The Wall.

He stepped up to the dwindling deck and pulled The Joker, earning himself $738.25 in the process.

In went The Joker again, in went APIW’s silver hand and out came Green H54.

Up came Colonel and he drew THAT BLOODY JOKER again. A friggin’ hat trick. He collected $538.25

In went The Joker again, by this time he was emulating Elbows, in, out,in, out…

This time it was Pink G26 and up came Dollar Bill.

Could we do four in row, after 47 no shows. The odds were against him with only six cards.

No he didn’t, he extracted 2C and our little friend was still hiding.

Next was Red H90 and Xmas was given the chance to try his luck and he did it. Grabbing The Joker and collecting the last Kitty of $338.25

Last week I said that we would give away over $2,400, we actually gave away $2,553 and for some, it Was Their Lucky Day.

Total funds raised for the 50th were $2966.50, which is nearly 20% more than I estimated.

In all 44 different Hashmen had the chance to draw for The Joker.

I would like the thank Flasher for stepping in when I wasn’t available to run the raffle and Dick Tracey and Budgie for helping on the night and to everyone else who took part.

On on


Horse and Pitt in Hazalmere

Horse and Pitt in Hazelmere

When I first arrived at the bucket, I thought we were going to be in the shit big time. Everything was going f#*king wrong. The bucket arrived full of warm beer thanks to the lack of ice. The hares had left the watering cans at home. There was no site of the Hon Sec (who apparently was caring for his wife, but maybe gone into hiding after he lost the run of the year trophy and then blamed the entire club for not returning it, only for it to resurface under his pool table.) There was no Grand Master either, though he did make a late appearance.

Quite obvious to all that there was only 1 week to go with this committee!

The run started on time with the hare pointing us on in the right direction while the co hare collected watering cans and Ice.

The run started with the usual loop around the park and then worked its way down to the Helena River Mosquito Plain. This is where it got interesting as we had all the runners following trail in a paddock, while a nameless walker started calling on, 400 meters away. To say this led to mass confusion is an understatement. To the walkers, the lesson learnt here is to allow the runners to find the trail!

On we went through some quaint suburban streets and up to the railway lines, where the pack briefly lost the trail before finding it again under the recently graffitied bridges. We clambered through the empty spray cans and used syringes and back into the houses, only briefly though as the trail then took us into waist high grass as we came back to the river.

We battled through and ended up in the new housing estate before coming back out onto west parade with a short on home.

A great run, well set by the hares.

The circle was high jacked by a minority group of hashmen trying to bribe the RA into changing our newly acquired member’s (Sunfish) name. This act of treason was convincingly shouted down and Sun fish shall live on. Gumby then reminded everyone what can happen if you try to change your name, you usually end up with a worse one! Plenty of poor hash men have copped names they aren’t too happy about, but that is the beauty of hash. They are hash names, used at hash, for hashing purposes.

The hares then provided a ham and salad roll which went down a treat. Great job Horse and Pitt.

Run 2479 In Memory of Foxy

In Memory of Foxy


Run 2479​  31 July 2017  ​​​​​Ringburner’s Run at East Fremantle


It was appalling conditions, a cold wet and windy evening under the Stirling Bridge but 12 intrepid hashmen (true and loyal to the club) rolled up for a run dedicated to the memory of Foxy.


We certainly had our doubts on what the hell we were doing there but miraculously the rain stopped right on 6 o’clock and off we headed towards Fremantle. The run was impeccably marked with a good selection of false trails and checks which kept the pack together. The pack looked after each other and waited for any back marker to catch up – how different to a normal run. The rain held off for the duration of the run and after covering about 5k’s we arrived home – lead in by Neonwho was running like an elite athlete.


Ringburner welcomed us back with a can of Guinness then brought out the chips, an individual packet for each runner – you can only imagine the comments. We had a brief circle (quality, not quantity) which started off with a toast to Foxy and then a down down was given to Nanny who stupidly admitted that the only reason he was there was because he had to do the run write up – stupid prick, his run is 2 weeks away!Jerrycan was there to collect visitor’s fees but made himself useful by being the minder of the car keys – he left early so he missed a down down.


The run was given a 12 out of 10. During the circle the wind strengthened and the rain started with a vengeance.  – someone must have been looking after us during the run.


To all those who didn’t front up, you missed a bloody good night.


Vale Foxy




Just a few notes on Mumbles run at Bicton – the run was held in the Bicton Plaza parking area with Dan Murphy looking down on us. Mumbles took a punt on the weather as there was no shelter but he got away with it. Preliminaries included Dollar Bill going off his brain for using the shopping trolleys to store the food and utensils (old habits die hard) and about 20 aged hashmen giving advice to a young lady with a learners plate on how to park her car.


This run was a tribute to Mumbles celebrating 40 years of hashing and he had his relations there as guests. It was good to catch up with Panties – he assures us he is no longer leading Chunda astray and Dave the Pom was there with his new dog.


The run started with Scummie as bell ringer and meanderedaround Bicton – not ideal territory as the area has big blocks and a shortage of cul de sacs and lanes. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable well marked 5.2k run. We never saw the front runners which is usual – I remember the days when during the run we had a hash halt or the front runners slowed up to allow the pack to regroup.


Down downs included Rhino winning the golf (or I thought he did as I saw him putting the trophy in his car), Neon christening his new shoes and Conman mislaying his car keys. The food was a gourmet hamburger in a boutique roll. I understand that there was an altercation when someone who shall remain nameless tried to take 2 hamburgers. Good effort Mumbles and congratulations on achieving 40 years of hashing.

Q runs through the hills

As the pack gathered outside the jungle body hall in Gooseberry Hill, they acknowledged three facts.

  1. It was farking cold
  2. The ladies walking into the jungle body class were hot
  3. It was Q’s virgin run

Barcode called us in and grilled the hare into revealing where the run went. Meanwhile the co hare filled me in exactly where the run went, in case we got lost. He must have been a profit because we all got lost. More on that later.

The run started in some good ankle breaking territory, running along gravel tracks in the dark while watching out for honkey nuts and potholes before we hit the back streets of Gooseberry hill.

From there we used some good lane ways before we crossed over the old railway track onto Railway rd. From here we took a left and were rewarded with some spectacular city views and an extremely long false trail. Actually one of many extremely long false trails. The hare must have learnt this from horse’s run the week before.

We reached Leonorie Rd where the run hit a sudden stop. No trail to be found. We were lost! Luckily I remembered what the co hare had said. Find a narrow, steep path between 2 houses, covered in big rocks and weeds. “You can’t miss it” he said.

We missed it. The closest we got was Mastitis getting threatened with a hills style execution for trespassing. The trail was picked up again across the valley and up the steepest hill we have run up this year, followed by the second steepest hill we have run up this year.

Some more long false trails and back across the railway line and then back into ankle breaking territory where once again the exhausted pack lost the track. After an hour and twenty of being out, they were also losing their patience!

The pack searched high and low for the trail but alas could not find it and made a collective decision to short cut back in.

The circle was extra-long so that the hares could collect the very fantastic shepherd’s pie that was lovingly put together by Mrs Seagull.

Numerous down downs were had for various offences including new cars, new shoes, unable to read emails, refusing to shut up in the circle, visitors, returnees, violence on the sporting arena and others.

Q was assessed as mentally stable and awarded a solid 7.5 for his first run. Great work Q




Horse trots through swan view



What's the difference between a hash run in Claremont and a hash run in Swan View?

About 50 false trails.


How do you know your GPS is set correctly for Horse's run?

It measures in FT not km.


I thought there was only one FT in hash 'till last Monday night!


The run was only 10km and I reckon about 11km of that was false trails.


Horse walks into a bar.

The barman says "False trail, check back"


We only have 3 markings for a hash run; an arrow, a check and a false trail. Horse only knows one!


A good circle is a short circle! But a good false trail is … who am I kidding? There are no good false trails!


Confucius, he say "a hash man who runs all false trails has a lot to learn"


An Englishman, a Scotsman and an Aussie go for a run in Swan View. The Englishman finds a false trail, turns around and shouts "False trail, check back". Next, the Aussie finds a false trail waits until the pack have caught up with him and then shouts "False trail, check back". The Scotsman was a walker.


Now, I'm not saying Monday's run had lots of false trails, but Mastitis managed to find two!


I’m sure most of you are just about sick of hills runs by now, with this being the second in a row, but I’m afraid you’ll just have to put up with them for at least another week!


On On


2392 RAMROD and Scottish friends do ST ANDREW

RAMROD and Co,   St Andrews Run


Run started with Phantom reminding me about being organized for my run. West Coast dirty dozen joined us for this Commemoration of our friend SCOTTIE

The run weaved thru parks , schools (some for the retarded which would suit some of our members), bush, lanes and streets .Well set with lots of FT’s  and many trails quite close to each other . Great use of territory lots of hills for the old blokes to go up and down. Heard many knees making funny noises! Several hashman reminded me to be organized for my run as Phantom would give me shit.

The pack was stretched at times but most came in 45- 50 mins. Reminded again to be organized for my run.

The circle suited BIRDMAN  -it was short and sweet with no penalty downs and the BELL was NOT awarded. Nanny was confused !

BAREFOOT piped in the Haggis and CRIPPLE J UNdressed it with a little help from the resident HAGGIS .  

SCOTTIE , if he is UP THERE would have approved.

The Haggis food was avoided by a few wimps and it was followed by a Chilli Bean salad

and large boiled Potato. Reminded by a few people to be organised for my run as Phantom was watching.

Top night and great effort from RAMROD , SIR TOMARSE and SCUMMY

ON ON  RELUCTANT (who is not organized)

RAMROD and Co,   St Andrews Run