Run 2740 – Moses – Lake Monger, Dodd St, North side

Perth Hash Run 2740 Monday 7th November 2022

Hares: Moses and Mastitis

Location Lake Monger

About forty five members and guests gathered at the northern end of Lake Monger on a pleasant spring evening to be greeted by Moses, almost back to full fitness following his recent injury, and Mastitis. Sir Tom’s guest, Marcus, came along again; that’s a good sign.

Shortly after 6pm the runners set off and, following a false trail along the western shore of the lake, headed north towards the Osborne Park industrial area. Phantom, map in hand, encouraged walkers to follow them. Not convinced of the wisdom of this move, Botak and I opted for the more scenic option of a stroll around the lake. Very pleasant it was too. We returned to the beer truck about 3.5 km and fifty minutes later.

The main packs of walkers and runners came in after about an hour. There were some mutterings of discontent about the trail markings but that happens most Mondays.

The circle, which was orderly and commendably short, included a good joke from Pembo.

Returnees included Botak and Kilkenny. Reluctant was thanked for his Spring Run hospitality. Guest Marcus picked Horse’s number from the hat but Horse was unable to pick the ace from the pack. Gumby and Polecat (get a haircut!) reminded us of the golf morning and lunch. RA Reluctant, on being informed that Moses had prepared roast mutton for dinner, upped his run score to 8.9.

Thanks to the hares for another good Monday evening.



Run 2733- Mastitis at Kingsley Memorial Clubrooms

The pack & six dogs gathered on a cold windy night at Kingsley Football Club. It is 20 years since Kingsley lost team members in the Bali bombings.

18.02 the pack set off with the walkers following Kingsley Dr south to the shops. Phantom lead them along various streets including Creaney Dr, Shepard Bush Dr, Lambeth Pl, Newham Way Park, Wimbledon Dr, Mitchell Freeway bike path, Hepburn Ave, over Kingsley Dr, east through the overgrown verge shrubbery, Gilmore St, Canis Cl, Cetus Crt, Dalmain St Primary School, Holborn Cl, Mortlake Pl & Shepherds Bush Dr again. The pack split with Birdman short cutting home and Phantom trying to find the home trail. Off again heading east in Shepherds Bush Dr again (maybe he has not seen it for a while), Chiswick Pl, Stratford Pl across the oval & home at 19.12.

The runners came in at 19.30 after their drink stop. The chips were opened and the circle started at 19.40.

The run was a bit long for the older members and nicely compensated by great food, even some leftovers for the family. Well done, Mastitis, Neon, Moses, Flasher and Polly the parrot, I mean pirate.



Run 2732- Crayfish at Charles Veryard Reserve, North Perth

A run site we have used before offering good shelter, which was a good job as the rain began as the pack assembled for the run just before 6 o’clock. After a minute’s silence to recognize and honour the late Queen Elizabeth II, the walkers, at least half a dozen canines and even a reasonable pack of runners headed off into the fading light of the evening and threatening rain which came and went throughout the run, light and not so light. I was walking with the runners and for a while kept up with the likes of FT and APITW, but after a while I found myself with some of the “back-runners” somewhere around Angove Street with no sight or sound of the pack,  nor any sign of chalk. So we made our way east towards North Perth, then headed back towards the start which turned out to be reasonably close to the actual run route.  Great timing as we came in with the rest of the pack, who claimed the run was around 6.5km, although a lot of chalk was washed out and Q pulled out a map to help make the run a success.

All Walkers, Runners and Dogs returned safe and sound, and gathered under the very adequate shelter and the circle got under way with a down down for Neon for talking in the Circle followed by birthday boy Skid who also supplied a carton for the boys. Also noted was Sir Knob and Conman who weren’t present but also were also celebrating birthdays.

Soon to be birthday boy Top Gun was awarded a DD for his birthday next week on the 22nd September, for which our duly elected Prime Minister has deemed to be a public holiday, not only for Top Gun’s birthday but also as a national day of mourning for The Queen.

Rumpole put out a call to help load a container of dentist equipment to go out to the needy people od Sri Lanka next Tuesday (20th Sept), if you are available to help please respond to Rumpole.

Mastitis got an anniversary DD (although I seem to remember starting Hash in February – go figure), new member Pig Trap got one for falling on the run and breaching the blood rule, Neon (again) and Q for breaching the new shoes rule.

Upcoming events mentioned were the Paella Lunch on Sunday (18th Sept) at Raindrops’ place – if you intend on going please pay $25 to the Hash account and let Ringburner know – must have final numbers by Thursday 15th. Also next week at Mastitis’ run in Kingsley it is also International Talk Like  A Pirate Day, so come dressed as a Pirate (you know you want to BUSHIE).

Our RA awarded the night’s C#%T Of A  Driver Award to Pembo for crashing in to Top Gun, and Elbows was the recipient of a recycled mother-daughter joke.

For the tough conditions, great walk and run, good light and shelter (despite having to duck out into the rain to find a beer at the Bucket), and good food, Hare Crayfish and Co-Hare Prairie Dog were awarded a worthy 8.5 by the RA.

Meal was crumbed chicken burger in a role with cheese and coleslaw – very nice. Thanks for a great night Crayfish!



Run 2730 – Rimmer at Warwick Bowling Club, Warwick

A new venue for many including the scribe (Moses) and a good one too. 27 or so Hashmen came out in the cold to a fine Hash location and the weather improved from arrival to departure with not too much wind and it warmed up too. The map is missing as after a holiday one finds it is not difficult to select the wrong program and end up with a record of the time of run and nothing else. So 10 runners set out at 18:00, 2 went missing fairly early, near home we had a dual pig escape with Piggy and Pig Trap thinking “on home” meant that. It is actually only to give one hope as there is then a 1km lead down Lloyd Drive back to the bucket. There was some good marking and areas where Rimmer and Triple must have been looking at some skirt or other as trail was a bit uurrrggghh.Must have been near 9km run in 1 hr 18min with six runners staying together for the duration.Excellent summer run and pretty good early spring run too. Plenty parking and light and heaps of bush too, contrary to the mumbled pre-run delivery in an unknown language.

Welcome new member Pig Trap. Short cutting at your inauguration run is not a good move and being influenced by His Piggyship is a bad start. Room for improvement!

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