2454 CLUB with NO BEER Hillbillies Pitt and Cans shine

2454 CLUB with No BEER     PITT /CANS in Hillbilly territory


There is no doubt that age and experience brings wisdom .About 140 years of age and about 90 years of experience between these two resulted in a top run in often used territory .The  trail included lots of bush, lots of FTs and lots of thrills and spills .

It is reported that both ACTION and ANTMAN went A over T and for thrills the pack was told to “F**k off Private Property “ by an Octogarian ,wheelchair bound paraplegic . The lads quaked in their shoes . SEAGULL and GNOCCHI both vying to lead were trapped several times by well places FTs


As a result of good setting and superior navigation by Dear Leader  ,PHANTOM the runners and walkers arrived at the bucket within 3 minutes of each other . Amazingly serial short cutter BIRDMAN also arrived at the head of the pack at the same time !!


Back at the bucket BIRDY featured again when it was pointed out that on arrival he had locked BAREFOOT in (not out of ) the car .He was released after his plaintive cries for help were heard . ANTMAN’s  Birthday was celebrated with his Birthday Cartoon of (wait for it ) Lite beer with expired date –well Lite anyway . It was just as well because for the first time in a long time the Bucket was drunk dry ,by 40 members only


The food was a delicious  Mediterranean Chicken  Curry which topped off a terrific run which would be worth at least 9 as a score.


2453 STEWIE and DAVE turn 35 -il pluit

Run 2453: Stewie and Dave the Pom

Venue: Piney Lakes Reserve

The dynamic duo set this run in celebration of their 35th anniversary in the Hash having attended their first run on 11 January 1982. The weather although bleak and drizzly, held for them, which was just as well as the only shelter provided for the 40+ hashers was two temporary gazebos under one of which the food was to be served.

The run headed off into the reserve and made good use of the various paths and tracks to keep the pack together. From there the run headed into the nearby expensive looking housing.”Chinkville” was the proffered name for the suburb. At this stage the pack stretched out into two despite the best efforts of the Hares but came close to reuniting after a good loop through a park enabled those of us at the back to glimpse the front runners. This was followed by a sadistic loop near the run in which Elbows picked but didn’t back his judgement and yours truly was relieved to eventually see the parked cars..

For the benefit of drinkers the Duo had again provided neck cord attached anniversary stubbie holders complete with printed photos of the pair before the ravages of Hash set in. They have provided similar stubbie holders at regular intervals as I have them marking their anniversaries at 20, 25, 30 and now 35 years. . They had also invited Ee-ahhh and the Bali Banger from SOP as they were present at their first run.

The circle was the usual noisy affair with the usual number of returnees and anniversaries. I had asked my co-hare Cans to take note of these and give me a list afterwards but he failed to do so claiming I never asked him, which is quite possible, so let’s hope Action gives them mention in the next notice. I do recall Big Knob (aka Sir Knob before being renamed by the Subiaco Post) being brought up for appearing in the Australian Honours list. You’d think one Knighthood was enough but some people…!

Neon was very complimentary about the run before awarding it an 8.5 and this was followed by Toad in the Hole , mushy peas, chips and gravy . It was well received by members who failed to eat all the chips. The remaining chips were claimed by Horse for his chooks but word has it they didn’t make it home.

Well done Stewie and Dave, a good effort again and we look forward to the next one.





2452 Gnocchi and Parent revisit old haunts

Run 2452 Gnocchi and           at Kingsway Sporting Complex


The Dynamic Duo swooped into Madeley to work their magic and with mechanical efficiency to create this weeks “fun” run. Blessed with extensive parking, lights and good weather plus an experienced team what could possibly go wrong?


FT and Action led the pack at a cracking pace east over Hayman Drive round a quick loop before zig zagging in a northerly direction across Kingsway and once again west over Hayman Drive. A lot of false trails kept the pack together and guessing. Even Mole and FT weren't game to second guess the father and son team who had meticulously  crafted a cunningly devious route. (No elbows that is a root).


Running up Gnangara Road the trail branched south but the previously confident pack faltered and called a “hash halt” to contemplate their navels before shortcutting. The majority, however, rediscovered the chalk taking them over the Kingsway Sporting Complex to the bucket.


Action awarded down downs to visitor Luke, his second run with us and hopefully he can build his fitness to a level sufficient to qualify as a PH3 member.

Very good to welcome back Deke especially when he brings a carton of Samuel Adams Ale. Happy birthday mate and as did birthday Budgie.

Returnee / visitor down downs to The Mole (a weekly occurrence}, Kilkenny and Antman.


Never one to shy away from publicity, Triple J decided to complete his run at 7:30 with an unnecessarily flamboyant arrival at the circle.


Moses incurred the wrath of the RA and was duly punished for suggesting the R A’s parking skills were less than adequate for a supposedly licensed driver.


Gnocchi’s mum had obviously spit the dummy over being asked yet again to provide Italian cuisine to the mob but he came up trumps (sorry, rude word} with cheese, biscuits and olives followed by an excellent and tasty burger and salad offering.


Good job by Gnocchi and Lasagne.

On On Stewie

2451 TRIPLE at head of Govt

2451 Triple and Rimmer use the city sites

Tripple J & Sir Knob organised elite parking, which no one used in front of Parliament House. We were directed to our run start which lead us heading towards the perth entertainment centre and into the city. Through perths construction site and over into Northbridge. After a nice big loop of Northbridge, we were lead back into the city were we got to see where Barcodes hard earned money goes. $5 Pints and then kicked out for a long ON HOME up St Georges tce.

Down Downs were given out for birthdays and returnees. 3G was getting a haircut and going to donate his hair to Tripple J.
The food was a well cooked Penne Pasta bolognese which even after Tripple J had the burning upside down was very nice!
Overall the run was scored 8/10. Good Job boys.

2450 Debbie does Coogee

2450  Debbie and Sweeny at Coogee

We arrived a fraction late only to see the pack disappear over the horizon,it didn't take to long to catch up and get into the run.
We caught up just in time to investigate a check only to find one of our athletes had found it for us.
We discovered there are lots of hills in Coogee and we ran up most of them and down a few,  as is usual in this area we ran around the four wheel drive track then through the new housing development then home, a decent run well marked and set out,except for fact that Lasagna and yours arrived back 15 mins after the bloody gutless shortcutting pack
The on sec called for a circle to be formed and we got going, firstly we had the sad news our friend Needles is having a few problems and we wished him all the best.
The down downs were given finishing with an excellent joke.
Then we moved onto the hares I'm not sure of the score given as I had already joined the food que. (7.5 Ed.)

A good run and very good burgers with all the trimmings, been a long time since I had pineapple on a burger a very nice touch indeed, well done to the hares and another good nights hashing.

2449 RUSTY celebrates the New Year

  1. RUSTY Brings in the New Year in Style


Rusty and Hippo had us meet on Sacred Ground  (read CHURCH CAR PARK ) at Castledare for a joint run with H4 .One of H4’s guests thought a joint run meant mixed and brought his pretty Thai concubine—jealousy is a curse  !!

We meandered thru the back streets of Wilson to a drink stop at Canning Council workshop –hard to believe but Canning CC still has some employees working.

From there the runners crossed Kent St Weir into the snake infested badlands of Ferndale .The short cutters and Walkers took the easy way home via the railway ,while the runners got to another drink stop , and then a river swim to get home.


Back at the bucket Capn had got back early  (I guess his dog was tired ) and Colonel’s Snatch was tied up about 200 mtrs from any temptation- bugger  it -no kids to bite.


Rusty then served up a fantastic meal of Garlic Prawns followed by Roast Pork and roast Veges—As usual his cooking timing was not spot on but who gives a continental –it was tasty and plentiful


An interesting run with good tucker  Good effort Rusty

2447 BOTAK has been here before

BOTAK and an in-Law tame Wembley Downs


40 plus was a good group to start off in an anticlockwise direction. Botak admitted that he forgot part of his planned course early and as a result the pack was stretched out until past Hale School . After that ,in a little bush and a number of lanes and parks , with a few better FT’s  all members arrived back after about 50 minutes . Good use of territory and lanes and all seemed to enjoy  – especially perving on the tennis popsies next door

After the usual short circle (BIRDY got another telephone infringement ) the new BBQ was christened with tasty Hamburgers and trimmings followed by mince pies

A good reliable effort by Botak and Dick something who ran in Vanuatu some time ago and who is Father in law to Botak’s son

A good finish to the year and the Monkees commitee except for the unfortunate incident where Snitch appeared to nip the nose of a young visitor .Dogs too close to group maybe but were tied up so boy must bear a little responibility as Snitch has never shown anger before

2446 KILKENNY reigns out

2446 Kilkenny at Inglewood

Kilkenny at Inglewood

The usual motley crowd of 40/50 athletic guys assembled on a windy Monday evening in Inglewood.

Skid called us to order one minute before 6.00pm. He explained that Kilkenny’s trail, laid on the previous day, had been washed-out by rain, but Phantom and Sir Knob had just re-laid the trail so that we could not get lost. We were waved away by a smiling Kilkenny, with the promise of pizza after the Run.

Stewie was the Walkers’ (Wankers?) honorary guide and, with map in hand we ran and strolled boldly towards Beaufort Street. I don’t remember anything of the Run, since I was a Walker, but the Walkers marvelled at the Inglewood Street Market, and the abundance of food and drink. It felt a bit like Christmas!

Most of us got back to the ON ON before 7.00pm, then quickly covered-up to cope with a stiff breeze and a below average temperature. Pizza arrived shortly afterwards, so someone made the executive decision that we should eat before the ON-ON, principally because it was a cool evening, and the pizza wouldn’t stay hot for very long.

The ON-ON was the usual serious, quiet, respectful affair, except that Moses and Botak were accused of talking in the Circle when, in truth, Moses was only listening. Kilkenny didn’t win any prizes for the event, but he was still smiling when we all made our weary way home at about 8.30pm.


2445 A First Class Run from Cans

 Run 2445                                                                                       Hare                Cans

Swan View                                                                                           Cohare            Pitt

A First Class Run


With a combined 92 years of hashing, we were expecting a good run and Cans and Pitt delivered in spades. We have not had run in this area for a long time and most of us were unaware of the area of bushland between Swan View and Stratton. The run started off as a street run but soon veered into the bushland and we soon came across the Midland Cemetery. I have to mention a mausoleum which was the size of a small house and commemorated one of Lasagne’s countrymen. Must have cost the family a fortune.


Then into the bush proper and the marking of the trail bordered on perfection. In the more open area the markings were well spaced out and false trails did what they were supposed to do – allowing the backmarkers to catch up with the front runners. Many a time, we were passed by Boner, Seagull and FT which does not happen very often. When the bush was very dense, the trail was marked at very close intervals and kept the pack together. A testament to the run was the site of the pack arriving within a minute of each other. There were the usual complaints of sand and the likelihood of ticks but I can safely report that I came out of it tick free (I got 2 tick bites from Horse’s run) The run will have to be a contestant for run of the year and I would have given it a 9.9 score – the 0.1 was deducted for something or other.


The food complemented the run – cheese and biscuits, rolls with cold meat and salad and boiled eggs and all the trimmings and exceptional red wines.


Other happenings during the evening

  • Captains dog had a crap near the wagon and I had the misfortune of treading on it. Thanks, Captain.
  • Botak got a down down for being the 1st to pay his 2017 fees.
  • Dollar tuned 70 and put on a carton.
  • Rumpole was presented with a plate to complement his down down glass. It was suggested that he should be given a similar sized container to hold his chips.
  • Gumby and Mastitis were our visitors.
  • Colonel is basking in his new title of bucket pilot. An impressive title is a reward for the responsibility of counting the returns.
  • Action kept his record telling a good joke – it is amazing how the circle has become very quiet during this segment.


Well done, Cans and Pitt. A first class evening and it is appreciated by all of us when the hares put a lot of effort into a run.


On on, Crayfish (as ghost writer for Kilkenny).

2444 A forgetful CAPT and FAGS at Centenary park

2444 CAPT and TENILLE (Fags) at Wilson   Centenary Park

The run started with an effective big loop
and headed across Centenary Drive and into the new housing development
at the old tip at Waterford. (Apparently Neon has dropped a couple of
old car bodies there over the years – there's still space for a couple
more Neon!). The run continued into Waterford and then headed back
into Wilson and then Home. The run kept the pack together as the trail
was well designed and well marked ( although at one stage the arrows
had been crossed out rather than being rubbed out and so the false
trail was pretty obvious) There was not a lot of bush for a summer
run. The pack trooped into home together about 6.50pm in front of the
walkers for a change. Around the bucket there seem to be more chips
than usual-someone explained that Rumpole was away this week. The RA
awarded the run 7.9 mainly I suspect so that Colonel would stop
complaining. Captain served up "smoked lamb" and salad which was well

Captain left the Hash Pourers home and as Mandurah is a long drivr he raced off to a hardware store arriving at 5:35 (CLOSED at 5:30)somehow he found a plastic bucket and order was restored


ON ON  Cans.